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Former President Donald Trump is facing a deadline of Monday to come up with a bond to appeal his civil fraud fine, or risk having his assets seized by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Trump has been vocal in his opposition to the ruling, claiming that he has “done nothing wrong” and accusing Judge Arthur Engoron, James, and the White House of working together to take away his assets. The former president was ordered to pay roughly $454 million in penalties for fraud, a ruling that he has vehemently protested.

In a post on his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump criticized Engoron and James for seeking to take his properties and assets, which he claimed were built over years of hard work and success. He alleged that the fine imposed on him was politically motivated and intended to interfere with his plans to run for president again. If Trump fails to come up with the bond by March 25, James could proceed with seizing his assets, setting the stage for a potential legal battle over the enforcement of the civil fraud fine.

The ongoing legal battle between Trump and the New York Attorney General highlights the deep divide between the former president and the state of New York, where he once built his business empire. Trump’s refusal to accept the court’s ruling and his accusations of political bias raise questions about the independence of the judicial system and the motivations behind the civil fraud case. The outcome of the case could have far-reaching implications for Trump’s future and his ability to pursue political ambitions.

As the deadline approaches, Trump’s supporters and detractors are closely watching the developments in the case, which have raised concerns about the rule of law and the accountability of public officials. The former president’s combative stance against the legal system and his defiance in the face of legal challenges have once again put him in the spotlight, showcasing his willingness to go to great lengths to defend his reputation and assets. The outcome of the case will likely have lasting consequences for both Trump and the New York Attorney General.

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