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The latest pizza rat in New York City is a delivery driver caught on camera eating from a customer’s Papa John’s pie in a Brooklyn elevator. The security camera footage shows the driver opening the box and removing toppings from the heavily garnished pizza before closing the box and attempting to balance it while he finishes eating the food. The video was shared online by a security guard and quickly gained viral attention, with many people expressing shock and disgust at the driver’s actions.

Viewers of the video were quick to criticize the driver’s behavior, with many stating that they avoid ordering delivery due to concerns about tampering. Some suggested that pizza boxes should be taped shut to prevent incidents like this from occurring. People were also disturbed that the driver was using the same hand to eat the food as he was using to hold his keys, potentially contaminating the pizza with germs from his hands and keys.

Social media users also expressed surprise that the customer had ordered from a chain like Papa John’s when living in New York City, known for its abundance of high-quality pizza options. Additionally, observers noted that the driver was not wearing a Papa John’s uniform, indicating that he may have been working for a third-party delivery service while making the delivery for the pizza chain. The incident took place in Midwood, as reported by the person who originally shared the video online.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan caught the delivery driver in the act and immediately informed the customer about what had happened. The woman who intercepted the driver made sure that the customer did not touch the pizza before she could explain the situation. The incident serves as a warning for consumers to be mindful of food safety practices and to consider the risks associated with food delivery services, even from reputable chain restaurants. This pizza theft highlights the importance of ensuring the security and integrity of food orders to prevent tampering and contamination.

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