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To celebrate the author’s one-year anniversary of living in Los Angeles, Erewhon has released a new celebrity smoothie named after Kendall Jenner. Priced at $23 for 20 ounces, this smoothie features GT’s Synergy Peach Paradise Raw Kombucha and non-dairy Cocoyo Peach Nectarine Living Coconut Yogurt, creating a probiotic-rich concoction that raises some digestive concerns. Despite the high cost, a portion of the proceeds from the smoothie go to the Good Shepherd Shelter, benefiting mothers and children impacted by domestic violence. The author decided to try the smoothie and share their thoughts on the taste experience.

Describing the taste of the Kendall Jenner Peaches & Cream smoothie, the author found it to be surprisingly delicious, with a refreshing and summery flavor reminiscent of a peach cobbler. The addition of coconut yogurt provided a creamy texture, while the kombucha added a tangy note that complemented the sweetness of the peaches. The author noted that the smoothie was not overly sweet, making it a satisfying and refreshing treat despite its hefty price tag. Overall, the author enjoyed the unique flavor profile of the smoothie and appreciated its contribution to a good cause.

Reflecting on the high prices at Erewhon, the author acknowledged that the store is known for catering to a specific clientele of hippie-adjacent celebrities, wealthy teenagers, and curious onlookers. Despite the sky-high grocery prices, Erewhon continues to be a popular meeting spot and a source of fascination for many. The author speculated about the timing of the Kendall Jenner smoothie release, wondering if Erewhon might be keeping tabs on them after their previous experience with a Hailey Bieber smoothie. Nonetheless, the author found the charitable aspect of the smoothie purchase to be a redeeming factor in justifying the extravagant cost.

As the author marked their one-year milestone in Los Angeles, they reflected on their experiences living in the city and the unique cultural offerings that places like Erewhon provide. While the celebrity smoothie may seem extravagant to some, the author embraced the opportunity to try something new and support a good cause in the process. The author’s willingness to indulge in such luxuries reflects a sense of openness and curiosity about their surroundings, as well as a willingness to engage with the unique and sometimes eccentric offerings of Los Angeles.

Overall, the author’s experience trying the Kendall Jenner Peaches & Cream smoothie at Erewhon was a memorable and enjoyable one. Despite the steep price tag, the author found the taste to be well worth it, with a refreshing and summery flavor profile that left a lasting impression. By supporting the Good Shepherd Shelter through their purchase, the author felt a sense of connection to their community and a deeper appreciation for the opportunity to indulge in such a unique and delicious treat. As they continue to navigate life in Los Angeles, the author remains open to new experiences and eager to explore all that the city has to offer.

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