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Rapper Diddy’s sons, Justin and King Combs, were briefly handcuffed and detained by federal agents during a raid on their father’s Los Angeles mansion. The brothers returned to the residence later that night to gather their belongings and left soon after. While the reasons behind the raid are unknown, it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security was involved.

Following the incident at the Los Angeles mansion, Homeland Security agents also raided Diddy’s Miami property. Evidence, including boxes and bags, was seen being loaded into a van. Sources indicated that the raids were part of an ongoing investigation involving seizing phones and computers from the rapper.

Significant law enforcement actions took place at Diddy’s homes in California and Florida, with very little left inside after the raids. The Homeland Security Investigations Human Trafficking Task Force led the California and Florida raids based on a search warrant issued by the Southern District of New York. The rapper’s legal team did not comment on the situation, and his whereabouts remain unknown.

New York prosecutors are reportedly investigating sex-trafficking allegations against Diddy, conducting interviews with at least four anonymous sources. Additionally, there are firearm and narcotics charges being looked into by investigations. Last year, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit alleging years of sexual abuse, which was settled hours after filing. More recent lawsuits alleging sexual abuse have also been brought against the rapper, all of which he has denied.

The investigation into Diddy’s properties in California and Florida involved Homeland Security Investigations from New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, with support from local law enforcement partners. The rapper’s private jet was last tracked to Antigua in the Caribbean, suggesting he may have left the country following the raids. His other properties in New York and Chicago are expected to be targeted by federal authorities as part of the ongoing investigation.

Diddy, whose legal name is Sean Combs, has not been arrested in connection with the raids, and his sons were not arrested either. Although the specifics of the investigation remain unclear, sources have indicated that the rapper’s phones and computers are a focus of interest for the authorities. Despite the legal challenges he has faced in the past, including lawsuits alleging sexual abuse, Diddy has maintained his innocence and denied all allegations against him.

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