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Democratic incumbent Senate candidates in key battleground states are shifting towards the center and right as polls show President Biden trailing former President Trump in key swing states. Biden is behind in six battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina. Senators like Jacky Rosen of Nevada are highlighting their bipartisan work and distancing themselves from Biden’s policies to appeal to voters. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is focusing on the economy and distancing himself from movements like defunding the police. In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin is positioning herself as a pro-worker candidate and has opposed some of Biden’s policies, while Senators in Ohio and Montana are also taking more moderate positions to appeal to voters in their states.

Incumbent Democratic Senators like Jacky Rosen, Bob Casey, Tammy Baldwin, Sherrod Brown, and Jon Tester are facing tough re-election battles in key swing states where Trump performed well in previous elections. These senators are distancing themselves from President Biden and his policies, focusing on issues like the economy, workers’ rights, and law and order. They are highlighting their bipartisan work and taking more moderate positions to appeal to a broad range of voters in their states. Senator Brown, for example, has broken with Biden on issues like electric vehicle tax credits and the repeal of Title 42, while Senator Tester has taken a strong stance on immigration and border security.

Senator Jon Tester of Montana has been criticized by his GOP challenger for being “two-faced” during election years, but has positioned himself to the right of Biden on issues like immigration and law enforcement. Tester has backed legislation to crack down on illegal immigrants charged with crimes and has criticized Biden’s handling of the border. In contrast, President Biden has faced criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for moving further left on issues like the conflict between Israel and Hamas and student loan forgiveness. Biden has been accused of siding with progressives in his party at the expense of support from swing voters in key battleground states.

Despite the challenges facing Democratic incumbents, polling shows that they are currently leading in key Senate races in states like Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. However, President Biden continues to trail former President Trump in many of these same battleground states. Republicans are growing more optimistic about their chances of taking back control of the Senate, with many Democratic incumbents facing tough re-election battles. Biden’s historically low approval ratings and struggling popularity in key swing states are putting additional pressure on Democratic candidates to distance themselves from the president and appeal to a broader range of voters.

As the general election approaches in November, Democratic incumbent Senate candidates are working to position themselves as pragmatic problem solvers who can work across the aisle and deliver results for their constituents. Despite the challenges they face with Biden’s low approval ratings and struggles in key swing states, these candidates are focused on highlighting their bipartisan work and taking moderate positions on key issues to appeal to a broad range of voters. With less than six months to go until the election, the Senate races in battleground states are shaping up to be closely contested, with Republicans hopeful about their prospects of taking back control of the Senate from the Democrats.

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