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David DePape, the man convicted of a brutal hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, husband to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was sentenced to 30 years in prison on two counts, to be served concurrently. DePape showed no reaction as the judge read his sentence while Christine Pelosi, the couple’s daughter, read a victim impact statement in court. The U.S. Attorney stated that the court’s sentence will prevent DePape from using violence to corrupt the political process. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, D.C. and did not attend the sentencing, but the Pelosi family released a statement expressing pride in Paul Pelosi’s courage and appreciation for the support received during his recovery.

In his victim impact statement, Paul Pelosi detailed how the attack had permanently altered his life, causing ongoing issues such as daily headaches, migraines, nerve damage in his left hand, and sensitivity to lights and sounds. Despite multiple surgeries and treatments, he continues to experience limitations in performing basic tasks due to the nerve damage in his left hand. Nancy Pelosi’s victim impact statement highlighted the impact of the attack on three generations of their family and expressed fear and pain at the echo of threats against her during the January 6th events. She emphasized the need for a lengthy sentence as punishment and a deterrent for those considering violence against public officials.

The attack on Paul Pelosi, captured on police body camera video just days before the 2022 midterm elections, was motivated by DePape’s political beliefs and involvement in conspiracy theories. DePape admitted to breaking into the Pelosi home with the intention of holding Nancy Pelosi hostage and harming Paul Pelosi if she lied to him. Following a confrontation with police, he attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer, causing severe injuries that required emergency surgery. DePape’s actions were described as an attempt to combat what he perceived as government corruption. Defense attorneys argued that DePape’s motivations were driven by his political beliefs, leading to the violent attack.

DePape, who faces state charges in addition to the federal convictions, wept on the stand during trial, offering an apology to Paul Pelosi for the hammer attack. A neurosurgeon testified that Pelosi suffered two skull fractures that required emergency surgery, narrowly avoiding life-threatening blood loss. Pelosi recounted the terrifying experience of waking up to find an intruder in his bedroom demanding to know the whereabouts of Nancy Pelosi. Despite the trauma of the attack and his injuries, Pelosi managed to remain calm and cooperate with DePape until help arrived. DePape’s actions were deemed to be a serious threat to public officials and their families, warranting a lengthy sentence as a consequence.

As DePape awaits trial on state charges including assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and burglary, the Pelosi family continues to recover from the traumatic incident. The community rallied behind them, offering support and prayers during Paul Pelosi’s recovery process. The impact of the attack has left a lasting impression on the Pelosi family, reinforcing the need for security measures and deterrents against violence targeting public figures. Despite the emotional toll of the experience, the Pelosi family remains resilient and committed to moving forward while advocating for justice and accountability in cases of violence against public officials.

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