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American comedian Dave Chappelle performed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where he made controversial comments about the Israel-Hamas war, referring to it as a “genocide” in the Gaza Strip. Chappelle urged Americans to combat antisemitism to prevent Jews from feeling the need for protection by Israel. Despite Abu Dhabi maintaining diplomatic relations with Israel, Chappelle’s comments highlighted the ongoing conflict in the region.

During his performance, Chappelle addressed the war after being encouraged by the audience to discuss it. The crowd cheered in agreement with a woman who shouted “Free Palestine.” Chappelle emphasized the need to make Jews feel safer in America to reduce their reliance on Israel as a protector. His comments sparked both applause and controversy among the diverse audience in Abu Dhabi.

Chappelle’s show in Abu Dhabi featured a mix of racy jokes, swearing, and some references to local politics. While he avoided extensive political commentary, he did touch on sensitive topics such as surveillance in the UAE and the legality of homosexuality. Chappelle’s performance also included interactions with the audience, demonstrating the diverse backgrounds of attendees in the Emirates.

The comedian’s mention of President Joe Biden, who has expressed strong support for Israel, received mixed reactions from the crowd. While boos erupted in response to Biden’s policies, former President Donald Trump garnered scattered cheers. Chappelle’s comedic style and satirical commentary entertained the audience, despite the controversial nature of his remarks on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

As part of his set, Chappelle incorporated a falcon into his performance, symbolizing the UAE. The comedian’s appearance in Abu Dhabi was well-received overall, with the audience engaging with his jokes and interacting with him during the show. Chappelle’s willingness to address sensitive subjects and spark dialogue reflected his reputation as a provocative and insightful performer.

Overall, Chappelle’s performance in Abu Dhabi showcased his unique comedic style and ability to tackle challenging topics with humor and insight. Despite the controversy surrounding his comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict, Chappelle captivated the audience with his wit and charisma. The comedian’s presence in the UAE during a time of heightened tensions in the region added an intriguing dynamic to his performance, highlighting the intersection of comedy, politics, and social commentary.

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