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The FIM Speedway GP in Varsova features exciting races with top riders from around the world competing in 20 heats of high-speed action. In Heat 13, Michelsen takes an early lead and extends it each lap, holding off challenges from Zmarzlik to secure second place behind Lebedevs, whose bike had trouble starting away from the tapes. After three races, Jason Doyle remains the leader with 8 points.

In Heat 12, Bewley dominates the race, with Vaculik coming in second and Michelsen in third. Heat 11 sees Lindgreen pass Doyle to take the lead, while Doyle holds off Lambert for second place, leaving Woffinden in fourth without any points. Zmarzlik wins Heat 10, with Madsen in second and Huckenback in third, after a close battle for positions.

In Heat 9, Kvech takes the lead, with Wozniak holding off Lebedevs for second place. Holder secures a commanding win, boosting his semi-final hopes. Doyle tops the standings after two rounds, with Lambert, Woffinden, Vaculik, Zmarzlik, Kvech, Bewley, and Michelsen close behind with 5 or 6 points each.

Vaculik wins Heat 8, with Lambert finishing second and Zmarzlik in third after a fierce battle. Doyle wins Heat 7, with Michelsen passing Holder for second place. Lindgren wins Heat 6, with Cierniak in second and Huckenbeck in third. Bewley wins Heat 5, with Woffinden in second and Lebedevs in third.

The Speedway Grand Prix features 16 riders competing in 20 heats, with points awarded based on finishing positions. The top eight riders with the most race points advance to the semi-finals, and the top two from each semi-final advance to the final. The 2024 Speedway Grand Prix can be watched on Eurosport and discovery+.

In Heat 4, Wozniak takes the win, with Bewley in second and Lindgreen in third after a fast start around the outside. Zmarzlik dominates Heat 3, with Woffinden in second and Holder in third. Madsen wins Heat 2, with Michelsen in second and Kvech in third. Lebedevs wins Heat 1, with Doyle in second and Huckenbeck in third.

The 2024 FIM Speedway Grand Prix promises another season of thrilling races, with defending champion Bartosz Zmarzlik looking to secure a third consecutive title. The competition from riders like Fredrik Lindgren will make for an exciting campaign, with all the action available to watch on Eurosport and discovery+.

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