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Daisy Kent, the runner-up of The Bachelor season 28, opened up about her lack of connection with Bachelor Joey Graziadei during a podcast appearance. Daisy felt that something was always missing between them and that she had tried to force a connection because they had similarities. She realized that there was a lack of chemistry before the hometown dates, where she noticed an energy between Joey and another contestant, Kelsey Anderson, who got engaged to Joey during the season finale. Daisy put her feelings aside during the hometowns, but ultimately felt that things didn’t feel right between them.

Before ending things with Joey, Daisy informed Kelsey about her decision, and the two women rode to the proposal together, marking a Bachelor Nation first. Daisy wanted Kelsey to know that she would be okay and that she supported their relationship. She recalled having a more in-depth conversation with Kelsey than what was shown on TV, emphasizing that they both wanted the best for each other. Kelsey shared her thoughts about the conversation during a podcast appearance with Joey, acknowledging Daisy’s good intentions and calling her a wonderful woman.

Despite Daisy’s honesty during the season finale, many believed that she would be the perfect candidate for the next Bachelorette. However, Daisy declined the offer during After the Final Rose, citing the need to focus on the things and people she loves. She expressed pride in her decision and mentioned that she could see herself as the lead of a dating show in the future, but it wasn’t the right time for her at the moment. Jenn Tran, who was in Joey’s final six, was announced as the next season’s Bachelorette.

Throughout her interview, Daisy emphasized that she felt something missing between her and Joey and had tried to force a connection that wasn’t there. She felt anxious and realized that things didn’t feel right before ultimately ending things with him. Daisy’s friendship with Kelsey played a significant role in her decision, as they had a heartfelt conversation before the proposal. Even though Daisy didn’t end up as the Bachelorette, she appreciated her experience on the show and may consider being a dating show lead in the future, once the timing is right for her.

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