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Last weekend, during the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha, a bronze bust sculpture of the late Charlie Munger was prominently displayed in the lobby of the Omaha Marriott. The 24-inch tall sculpture became a conversation piece for the guests staying at the hotel, which is located next to Berkshire-owned jewelry store Borsheims. Munger, who passed away at the age of 99 in November, was a frequent visitor to Omaha and the Berkshire headquarters, as he was the longtime partner and confidante of Warren Buffett.

The sculpture, created by artist Yu Shu, captured the attention of numerous Berkshire shareholders, as well as Munger’s daughter Wendy and his longtime executive assistant Doerthe Obert. Yu Shu, who is also a Berkshire shareholder, had previously visited Munger’s home in Los Angeles in March 2023 to gather close-up shots of his profile for the sculpture. It took Yu 12 months and multiple attempts to complete the final version of the Munger bust. Inspired by Warren Buffett’s advice to do what you love, Yu decided to turn her passion for art and Berkshire into a business.

Full-sized bronze busts of Munger are available for purchase for $19,500, while half-sized cold cast bronze busts are priced at $595. Yu, who grew up in Chengdu, China and splits her time between Denver and Taiwan, is currently working on creating big-sized Buffett sculptures. She views the process of creating a bronze sculpture as similar to value investing, as it requires patience and persistence. A longtime Berkshire shareholder purchased the Munger bust that was on display at the Marriott last weekend and hopes to give it to the Munger family.

The unexpected meeting between Yu Shu and Doerthe Obert at the Omaha Marriott lobby brought back memories for both women. Obert was surprised to see Yu again, having previously interacted with her when she visited Munger’s home in Los Angeles. Yu’s dedication to capturing Munger’s likeness in the sculpture, and her passion for turning her love of art into a business, resonated with Obert and other admirers of Munger. The sculpture served as a tribute to Munger’s legacy and influence within the Berkshire community.

The connection between art, business, and investing was evident through Yu’s journey of creating the Munger bust. Drawing inspiration from Warren Buffett’s advice, she was able to translate her passion for art into a successful venture. Her devotion to capturing Munger’s essence in the sculpture reflects the admiration and respect she, as well as other Berkshire shareholders, had for the late investment icon. The sale of the Munger bust to a longtime Berkshire shareholder further emphasized the significance of honoring Munger’s memory.

Through the sale of the Munger bust and the continued creation of Buffett sculptures, Yu’s dedication to her craft and the Berkshire community remains unwavering. Her ability to turn her passion into a successful business venture serves as a reminder of the impact that figures like Munger and Buffett have had on the investing world. The bronze sculpture of Munger at the Omaha Marriott became a focal point for Berkshire shareholders, serving as a reminder of Munger’s lasting legacy and the admiration he garnered from those within the Berkshire community.

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