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Fox News’ morning newsletter, Fox News First, provides updates and highlights for the day. The Department of Justice’s inspector general is facing criticism for allegedly targeting political opponents. ICE confirmed that two Jordanians who attempted to breach Marine Corps Base Quantico were in the US illegally. A judge is deciding whether parents or the government should make medical decisions for children. Blue state voters are celebrating the ousting of a progressive district attorney, with a focus on serving victims over criminals. Americans arrested in Turks and Caicos are bunking together while awaiting their fate. Former President Trump expected 3,500 attendees at a rally in the Bronx but was stunned by the final turnout. A migrant admitted that Americans are right about the border situation, acknowledging their concerns.

In the media realm, a Boston council member has alarmed liberal colleagues with threats and tirades. A comedian went viral for shedding light on anti-Israel agitators who are uninformed about the Israel-Hamas conflict. ‘Gutfeld!’ scored its biggest audience ever with guest Bill Maher, and Justice Alito is facing recusal calls and criticism following an upside-down flag controversy. Opinion pieces covered topics like the big issue for Trump’s trial and the dark side of true crime.

On prime time TV, Democratic guest revealed why she’s voting for Trump, Trump is said to be campaigning on Biden’s side of the field now, and Benjamin Netanyahu believes the days when Jews are slaughtered and defenseless are gone. The last word from Jesse Watters highlighted the atmosphere at Trump’s rally and Reverend Al Sharpton’s response to Trump being on their turf. In other news, a new documentary showcases a death row inmate’s deadly high school love triangle. A news quiz tested knowledge on various topics, while a feature on Dr. James Mease, an American credited with cooking up ketchup, was included. A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader shared how visiting troops changed her perspective on freedom, and beloved elephant Osh celebrated his 30th birthday with various treats.

President Trump’s rally addressed key issues such as the economy, the border, foreign policy, and criticism of Joe Biden. Reverend Al Sharpton was prepared for a street fight, highlighting the tensions surrounding Trump’s presence on their turf. Fox News also offers newsletters, apps, and online streaming options for viewers to stay updated. Thank you for making Fox News your first choice in the morning, and have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

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