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Henry Thomas, a 19-year-old gunman, has been identified and charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 16-year-old Makhi Brown in Soho. The shooting took place near the charter school Brown attended, with Thomas riding a Citi Bike basket to the scene and being identified by his distinctive Air Jordans. The criminal complaint against Thomas states that he was captured on camera wearing black Air Jordans with red and yellow trim.

Arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court, Thomas was accused of stepping out of the Citi Bike basket and firing a handgun three times, resulting in Brown being shot once in the back of the head and twice in the leg. Brown was known for being a “peacemaker” and was attempting to resolve a fight between two groups. Investigators were able to identify and locate Thomas by finding the sneakers he was wearing in the video at his Upper East Side home. Thomas was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service and the NYPD.

During the court hearing, the Assistant District Attorney accused Thomas of executing Brown by shooting him in the head. Despite objections from his defense attorney, Thomas was informed by the judge that if he refused to appear in court, proceedings would continue without him. Thomas was then taken to Rikers Island correctional facility, where he is being held without bail. Before leaving the court room, Thomas’s family and friends waved and blew kisses at him, with one person shouting, “We love you.”

If convicted, Thomas faces a minimum of 15 years to life and a maximum of 25 years to life in prison for the murder of Brown. Brown was a member of a basketball team run by the NYPD 67th Precinct Clergy Council, a non-violence group known as “The GodSquad.” The shooting of Brown has left his community and loved ones devastated, as he was known for his efforts in promoting peace and resolving conflicts peacefully. The tragic incident has brought attention to the issue of gun violence among young individuals in urban areas and the need for better conflict resolution and support systems for at-risk youth. The senseless act of violence has further highlighted the importance of initiatives that promote peace and non-violence within communities to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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