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The Oakland A’s season has gotten off to a rough start, with the team losing four out of their first five games. One bright spot has been young outfielder Esteury Ruiz, who has shown promise with a double, a triple, and a stolen base in seven at-bats. Fans were captivated by Ruiz’s 67 stolen bases as a rookie in 2023, a rare highlight for a struggling team that lost 112 games that season. Off the field, the A’s are facing uncertainty with their proposed relocation to Las Vegas, with questions surrounding the timeline and venue for their move.

Surprisingly, the A’s decided to demote Ruiz to the minor leagues before a recent game against the Boston Red Sox. General manager David Forst and manager Mark Kotsay explained that Ruiz needed more playing time in Triple-A to improve his on-base skills. In his place, the team added outfielder Tyler Nevin, a journeyman player with a career .202 batting average. This decision raised eyebrows among fans, with some speculating that there may be a conspiracy behind Ruiz’s demotion.

One theory circulating on social media suggests that Ruiz’s support of a fan group called Baseball’s Last Dive Bar may have played a role in his demotion. The Last Dive Bar group has been critical of A’s owner John Fisher, organizing rallies and events to protest the team’s relocation. The group’s merchandise, which has been worn by Ruiz and Kotsay, has been banned from being mentioned by A’s broadcasters at the direction of the team’s Vice President of Communications and Community, Catherine Aker. While there is no concrete evidence to support the theory, the timing of Ruiz’s demotion has raised suspicions among fans.

Despite the lack of definitive proof, the theory surrounding Ruiz’s demotion continues to garner attention. With Ruiz being one of the team’s most exciting players, his sudden demotion has disappointed many Oakland fans, who have endured a difficult start to the season. As the A’s navigate their on-field struggles and ongoing relocation issues, the controversy surrounding Ruiz’s demotion adds another layer of drama to what has already been a tumultuous time for the team.

The situation with Ruiz’s demotion reflects the larger tension surrounding the A’s as they navigate their uncertain future. With fans divided over the team’s relocation plans and ownership issues, Ruiz’s demotion has become a focal point for frustrations and conspiracy theories. As the A’s continue to struggle on the field and off, the fallout from Ruiz’s demotion serves as a microcosm of the challenges facing the franchise as they attempt to find stability and success amidst turmoil.

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