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The writer reflects on their experience with uncomfortable jelly sandals purchased ten years ago from American Apparel and their reluctance to repurchase them until now. The Row’s woven flats from their pre-fall 2024 collection have caught their eye as a more stylish and subtle alternative to the chunky PVC sandals of the past. The flats come in clear, light pink, cherry red, and electric blue colorways, appealing to a variety of fashion tastes. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lawrence have been spotted wearing jelly sandals, showcasing the versatility of styling options for this once-maligned shoe.

The writer notes that celebrities like Swift, Lively, and Lawrence have shown that jelly sandals can be styled in various ways, dispelling the myth that they are difficult to incorporate into outfits. Swift embraced the retro appeal of the ’80s with pink jelly fisherman sandals, pairing them with a white tank top and jeans for her 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release. Lively opted for a more summery look with brown jellies paired with a sundress, while Lawrence went for a casual vibe by styling pink jellies with jeans and a T-shirt. With these celebrity endorsements and creative outfit ideas, the writer is more open to the idea of giving jelly sandals another chance.

The resurgence of jelly sandals in fashion has been building for some time, with The Row’s cage flats leading the trend for summer 2024. These flats offer a modern and chic take on the traditional jelly sandal, appealing to those who prefer a more understated shoe option. The clear and light pink colorways of The Row’s flats make them versatile for a range of outfits, while the cherry red and electric blue options provide a pop of color for those who want a bolder look. It is predicted that these shoes will be a must-have accessory for the summer season, continuing the jelly sandal’s comeback in the fashion world.

The writer reminisces about their initial aversion to jelly sandals due to their discomfort and perceived difficulty in styling them. However, the emergence of trendsetting celebrities like Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lawrence wearing jelly sandals in creative and fashionable ways has sparked a reconsideration of the shoes. The writer acknowledges that their previous negative experiences with jelly sandals may not be representative of the current trend and is inspired to give them another try, particularly with The Row’s modern and stylish take on the classic jelly sandal. The resurgence of jelly sandals in fashion, with the endorsement of celebrities and high-end brands, has changed the writer’s perception of this once-dreaded shoe style.

Overall, the writer reflects on the changing perception of jelly sandals in the fashion world, from being seen as uncomfortable and difficult to style to becoming a trendy and versatile footwear option. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lawrence have played a significant role in popularizing jelly sandals by showcasing different ways to wear them with various outfits. The writer’s initial reluctance to repurchase jelly sandals has shifted with the introduction of The Row’s cage flats, which offer a modern and chic alternative to traditional jelly sandals. As jelly sandals continue to make a comeback in fashion, the writer is open to embracing this trend and exploring new styling possibilities with this once-maligned shoe.

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