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Looking for a fun and challenging game to start off your week? Look no further than NYT Connections, where you are tasked with arranging 16 words into four groups of four by figuring out the links between them. Each group is color coded, with the purple group typically being the hardest to deduce. Don’t worry though, as hints and answers are available to help you along the way.

Today’s Connections hints include words such as PACE, CLIPPER, MOVE, and MEDICINE. The yellow group is related to the swiftness of something, the green group focuses on speeding up, the blue group involves pro athletes, and the purple group is linked by a term meaning “over a long distance.” Carefully arrange the words into the correct groups and press Submit, but be careful not to make more than four mistakes or it’s game over.

The answers for today’s Connections include groups such as how fast something is going (CLIP, PACE, RATE, SPEED), step on it! (FASTER, GO, HURRY, MOVE), NBA team player (CLIPPER, PACER, ROCKET, SPUR), and tele____ (COMMUTE, MEDICINE, PROMPTER, VISION). Don’t worry if you didn’t get a perfect game, as practice makes perfect. The game can be tricky at times, but with some patience and hints, you’ll be able to solve the puzzles successfully.

The author shares his experience playing Connections, mentioning that even though he got the blues right away, they turned out to be a red herring. He also made a mistake with including COMMUTE in the wrong group, but eventually figured out the connection for the purples, leading to victory. With a streak of five games in a row, the author offers some life advice to experience dining at the best restaurant in your area, even if you have to save up for it. The experience is likely to be memorable and worth the effort.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to kick off your week, give NYT Connections a try. With hints and answers available to help you along the way, you’ll be able to flex your brain muscles and improve your problem-solving skills. Remember, practice makes perfect, and even if you don’t get a perfect game, the experience of playing and trying to solve the puzzles is all part of the fun. Be sure to check back for more hints and solutions for future games, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a dining experience at the best restaurant in your area for a memorable and enjoyable time.

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