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Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather defended the party against accusations of spreading misinformation and stirring up social disharmony by supporting pro-Palestine protests in Australia. He emphasized that the party supports peaceful protests and criticized the government for not taking action to pressure Israel to stop its war in Gaza, where 35,000 Palestinians have died since Israel’s invasion began in response to Hamas’ attack on October 7.

Chandler-Mather expressed frustration with the Australian media for focusing more on domestic protests than on the escalating violence in Gaza. He argued that not enough attention has been given to the historic genocide taking place in Gaza, while contrasting it with the coverage of a small number of protests in Australia. He called for more recognition of the dire situation in Gaza, where thousands have died in the conflict.

In response to accusations that the Greens were causing social disharmony, Chandler-Mather shifted blame to the Australian government for only using words and not taking substantial action to address the conflict. He criticized the government for failing to put pressure on Israel to stop its actions in Gaza, emphasizing the need for effective measures to halt the violence and prevent further loss of life.

When challenged about the government’s call for a ceasefire, Chandler-Mather reiterated his point that the Australian government has the power to take meaningful action by canceling the two-way arms trade with Israel. He emphasized that words alone are not enough and that concrete steps need to be taken to address the situation in Gaza and prevent further escalation of the conflict.

Chandler-Mather’s comments highlight the ongoing debate over Australia’s response to the Israel-Palestine conflict, with the Greens advocating for stronger action to pressure Israel to end its actions in Gaza. The MP’s remarks on the need for more attention to be directed towards the situation in Gaza and for the Australian government to take concrete steps to address the conflict underscore the urgency of the situation and the need for global intervention to prevent further loss of life.

Overall, Chandler-Mather’s defense of the Greens’ position on the Israel-Palestine conflict underscores the party’s commitment to advocating for peace and justice in the region. His comments reflect the ongoing tensions and debates surrounding the conflict, highlighting the need for policymakers to take decisive action to address the violence and prevent further suffering in Gaza.

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