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A group of local residents in the Regina north-central neighbourhood have taken it upon themselves to clean up the garbage piles that continue to be a problem in the alleys. Brayan Hill, one of the residents leading the cleanup efforts, spends several hours every weekend picking up various types of trash, from couches to TVs to hazardous materials like needles. The residents believe that taking pride in their neighbourhood and showing initiative can make a difference in keeping the community clean and safe for everyone, especially children who want to play outside without the risk of encountering hazardous waste.

City councillor Andrew Stevens has shown his support for the cleanup efforts by providing different disposal bins to the area and offering help to other neighbourhoods who might want bins as well. The volunteers working in the north-central alleys are hoping that their actions can change people’s negative views on the community. They believe that the north-central neighbourhood is a good community filled with wonderful people, but it has been unfairly stigmatized. By demonstrating their commitment to cleaning up the alleys, they hope to show the public a brighter side of north-central and encourage a sense of community pride and unity.

Corleen Wychreschuk, another resident involved in the cleanup, emphasizes the importance of creating a safe environment for children to play. She stresses that nobody wants their kids playing in alleys filled with garbage and hazardous materials, and by taking action to clean up the alleys, the volunteers are working towards providing a safer and cleaner space for families in the neighbourhood. The efforts of the residents have also garnered support from other community members, with many people coming out of their houses to join the cleanup and express their desire for more regular garbage pickup and permanent garbage bins in the area to address the ongoing issue of garbage accumulation.

The volunteers cleaning up the alleys in the north-central neighbourhood are motivated by a sense of community pride and a desire to make a positive impact on their surroundings. By taking initiative and dedicating their time and effort to cleaning up the alleys, they hope to inspire other residents to do the same and create a cleaner and safer environment for everyone. The residents understand that changing people’s negative perceptions of the neighbourhood will require continuous effort and a collective commitment to maintaining cleanliness and safety. Through their actions, they aim to shed light on the positive aspects of the north-central community and cultivate a sense of unity among its residents.

Overall, the cleanup efforts in the Regina north-central neighbourhood are driven by a shared commitment to improving the living conditions and quality of life for all residents. By addressing the issue of garbage accumulation in the alleys, the volunteers are demonstrating their dedication to creating a more livable and welcoming neighbourhood. With the support of city councillor Andrew Stevens and other community members, the volunteers are making strides towards changing perceptions of the north-central neighbourhood and fostering a sense of community pride. By working together to keep the alleys clean and safe, the residents are taking a proactive approach to addressing the challenges they face and creating a brighter future for their community.

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