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Chloe Fineman took responsibility for pitching the controversial Sydney Sweeney Hooters sketch on “Saturday Night Live” during an episode of Dana Carvey and David Spade’s “Fly on the Wall” podcast. Fineman admitted that she is not good at pitching sketch ideas and that sometimes her more outlandish ideas end up becoming sketches. She recounted how she pitched the Hooters sketch to Sweeney, who then DM’d her to write it, leading to backlash for the sexualization of Sweeney’s character in the sketch, which focused on her appearance.

The sketch featured Sweeney playing a new Hooters server who received preferential treatment and high tips due to her attractiveness. It faced criticism for focusing on Sweeney’s appearance, especially considering her past experiences with unwanted sexualization. Sweeney has spoken out about being highly sexualized in high school and how the public has continued to objectify her as an actress. She expressed frustration with the lack of control over how people perceive her, both as an actress and as a person.

While Sweeney did reach out to Fineman to write the sketch and the comedian acknowledged that it wasn’t her best pitch, some social media users were still critical of the way the sketch objectified Sweeney. They called for the “SNL” writers to create jokes for Sweeney that focused on her talents as an actor rather than just her appearance. The backlash highlights the ongoing issue of actresses being reduced to their physical attributes and the importance of portraying them in a more multifaceted manner.

The controversy surrounding the Sydney Sweeney Hooters sketch sheds light on the challenges faced by actresses in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Sweeney’s experience of being sexualized and objectified, both on screen and in real life, reflects broader societal issues around the representation of women and the pressure to conform to certain standards of beauty. The backlash against the sketch also points to the need for more nuanced and respectful portrayals of women in media, focusing on their talents and abilities rather than reducing them to their physical appearance.

As discussions around the Sydney Sweeney Hooters sketch continue, it raises important questions about the responsibilities of writers and creators in shaping portrayals of women in popular culture. The impact of objectifying and sexualizing female characters, both fictional and real, can have lasting effects on how they are perceived and treated by society. Moving forward, it is crucial for media creators to consider the implications of their work and strive to represent women in a more respectful and empowering light, highlighting their diverse talents and qualities beyond just their physical attributes.

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