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In a journal entry dated July 23, 2023, Franke expressed frustration with her children, describing them as selfish and lacking an understanding of God’s love. She believed that they only sought to take, lie, and attack, showing a weakness of mind due to never experiencing oppositional force. Franke emphasized the importance of oppositional force for growth, development, and maturity.

Franke’s journal also documented the punishments she imposed on her children, which included physical abuse such as beating and poking, as well as withholding food and water. She also made her children jump on a trampoline as a form of punishment. In an entry dated August 15, 2023, Franke criticized the current societal norms that prioritize children’s comfort over discomfort. She believed that children need to experience discomfort in order to learn and grow, rather than being constantly comforted and distracted.

According to Franke, stripping down a child’s world to the basics of beans, rice, and hard work should not be considered abuse but rather a necessary experience for a prideful child. She emphasized the importance of teaching children the value of hard work and discipline, even if it means making them uncomfortable. Franke seemed to believe that discipline and tough love were essential for children’s development and that shielding them from discomfort only hinders their growth.

Franke’s journal entries reflected her belief in the necessity of oppositional force and discomfort for children to develop maturity and emotional strength. She saw her punishments as a way to instill discipline and humility in her children, challenging them to confront their faults and make positive changes. Franke’s harsh methods may seem extreme to some, but she viewed them as essential for her children’s character development and growth.

Despite facing criticism and scrutiny from others for her parenting methods, Franke remained steadfast in her beliefs and convictions. She believed that her approach was necessary to teach her children important life lessons and help them grow into responsible and mature individuals. Franke’s journal entries revealed a tough love approach to parenting, emphasizing discipline and hard work as essential values for her children to learn and internalize.

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