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Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones showed support for his teammate Harrison Butker, who was facing backlash over questionable remarks made during a graduation speech. Butker made comments about women, marriage, and the LGBTQ+ community that were deemed sexist, homophobic, anti-trans, anti-abortion, and racist. Butker praised his wife, emphasized traditional gender roles, and compared LGBTQ+ pride to “deadly sins.” These remarks sparked criticism from various celebrities and on social media, leading to a petition calling for Butker’s dismissal from the Kansas City Chiefs, which garnered over 169,000 signatures.

The petition condemned Butker’s comments as reinforcing harmful stereotypes and hindering social progress towards equality, diversity, and inclusion. It accused him of perpetuating division, undermining human rights, and fostering a toxic environment through his remarks. The petition called Butker’s words unacceptable for a public figure and criticized him for using his platform to cause harm instead of unity. The backlash against Butker’s speech highlighted the importance of promoting respectful discourse and preventing discrimination, especially from individuals in influential positions.

In response to the controversy, the NFL’s Chief Diversity Officer, Jonathan Beane, addressed Butker’s remarks, clarifying that they did not reflect the views of the NFL as an organization. Beane emphasized the NFL’s commitment to inclusion and stated that Butker had spoken in his personal capacity, not on behalf of the league. This statement aimed to distance the NFL from the controversy and reiterate its support for diversity and equality within the organization and the broader community.

Despite the backlash and calls for his removal, Butker’s teammate Chris Jones publicly expressed his support and love for him. Jones’ tweet reaffirmed his bond with Butker and indicated a willingness to stand by him during this challenging situation. By standing up for his teammate, Jones demonstrated the importance of solidarity and loyalty within a team, even when faced with adversity or controversy. Jones’ gesture of support highlighted the unity and camaraderie that can exist among teammates, showing that compassion and understanding are essential in navigating difficult circumstances.

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