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European Council President Charles Michel emphasized the urgent need to provide more military equipment to Ukraine to combat Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country. He warned that delays in providing support could have devastating consequences and stressed the importance of acting now rather than waiting for two years. European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas discussed the issue of migration and highlighted recent agreements with third countries as a strategy to address irregular arrivals in Europe. He pointed to the partnership established with 25 countries of origin and transit as a way to manage migration more effectively, citing the recent deal with Egypt as an example.

In the lead-up to the European elections in June, there is a push for increased voter turnout and engagement across the EU. Key figures such as Charles Michel, Margaritis Schinas, Roberta Metsola, and Jens Stoltenberg shared their perspectives on important issues facing the bloc, including the situation in Ukraine, the Middle East, migration, and security. The importance of ensuring a strong voter turnout in the upcoming elections was also highlighted. Discussions focused on strategies to address these challenges and reinforce the EU’s response to current global crises.

The European Council President underscored the need for immediate action in providing military support to Ukraine, stressing that delays could jeopardize the country’s security. As Russia escalates its invasion of Ukraine, there is a growing sense of urgency for the EU to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and provide the necessary resources to defend against the aggression. The European Commission Vice-President highlighted the importance of partnership agreements with third countries to address migration issues and prevent irregular arrivals in Europe. These agreements are seen as crucial steps in managing migration flows and addressing challenges related to border security.

The European elections scheduled for June present an opportunity for citizens to voice their concerns and shape the future direction of the EU. Key EU figures, including European Parliament President Roberta Metsola and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, emphasized the importance of voter participation in shaping EU policies and addressing major global challenges. The live discussions with Euronews offered insights into the perspectives of top politicians on critical issues facing the EU, including security, migration, and international relations. By engaging with voters and addressing their concerns, EU leaders aim to strengthen democratic participation and decision-making processes in the upcoming elections.

Charles Michel’s call for immediate military support to Ukraine reflects the EU’s commitment to solidarity and security in the face of external threats. By providing timely assistance to Ukraine, the EU can demonstrate its support for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Margaritis Schinas’ focus on migration partnerships underscores the importance of international cooperation in addressing complex challenges such as migration and border security. By working with third countries, the EU can enhance its ability to manage migration flows and address the root causes of irregular arrivals.

In preparation for the European elections, EU leaders are focused on increasing voter engagement and addressing critical issues facing the bloc. The live discussions with Euronews provided a platform for key figures to share their perspectives on security, migration, and other pressing concerns. By highlighting the urgency of providing military support to Ukraine and the significance of migration partnerships, EU leaders are seeking to strengthen the EU’s response to current challenges. As the elections approach, the focus remains on promoting democratic participation and shaping policies that reflect the interests and concerns of EU citizens.

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