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A winter storm swept through New Brunswick, leaving residents with icy conditions and power outages. The storm began as snow on March 23 before turning to rain overnight, resulting in layers of ice covering the ground, trees, and cars in Fredericton. Many residents woke up to find their vehicles encased in ice, requiring them to spend time chiseling it off. The storm also left a dozen roads partially or completely covered with snow, with two others damaged by floods. Thousands of people were left without power, with NB Power working to restore service to affected customers.

Residents like Christina Stonehouse and Ron Russell shared their experiences dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Stonehouse mentioned how her son’s car was frozen solid with ice, requiring her to use a steel chisel to break it off. Russell, who lives in Tamarack Estates, lost power in the early hours of the morning, still waiting for it to be restored. Despite the inconveniences, Russell described the storm as not being too bad, echoing the sentiments of other residents who had to spend extra time cleaning off their vehicles and driveways due to the icy conditions.

Mark Brey, another Fredericton resident, shared how the ice added an extra step to clearing his driveway with a snow blower, cautioning against damaging the equipment. When asked about when spring might return, Brey speculated that it would likely make an appearance by Wednesday, only for winter to possibly return by Saturday. Russell also expressed uncertainty about the arrival of spring, simply hoping for it to arrive soon. The unpredictability of weather in the region left residents unsure of when they could expect relief from the lingering winter conditions.

Overall, the winter storm in New Brunswick brought about challenging conditions for residents, from icy roads to power outages. The impact of the storm was felt across the region, with many experiencing difficulty in clearing off their vehicles and driveways. Despite the inconveniences, residents like Stonehouse, Russell, and Brey remained hopeful for the arrival of spring, even as they faced uncertainty and ongoing challenges due to the unpredictable weather patterns. As the cleanup efforts continued and power was slowly being restored, residents looked forward to the eventual transition away from winter and towards warmer weather.

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