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Officials along the Jersey Shore are implementing new rules this Memorial Day weekend to restrict the use of structures like beach tents and canopies. The aim is to enhance safety by improving lifeguards’ views of the sand and water, as well as making it easier for lifeguards and paramedics to maneuver across the sand in case of an emergency. Popular beach municipalities such as Asbury Park and Sandy Hook have restrictions in place that only allow baby tents and umbrellas of certain sizes. North Wildwood and Brick Township have banned beach tents and canopies in areas with lifeguards, while standard single-pole umbrellas are still allowed.

North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello stated that the city’s beaches are limited in available spaces, especially during high tide. Severe erosion is causing a lack of space on Jersey Shore beaches, prompting officials to plan beach replenishment projects to combat the issue. These new rules have safety benefits, as emergency responders will have better access to individuals in the event of medical emergencies. The goal is to provide everyone with an opportunity to enjoy the beach without impeding their fun.

Visitors to Island Beach State Park will likely be restricted to using umbrellas only at the bathing areas during Memorial Day weekend, with tents and canopies still allowed outside of swimming areas. Ocean City will only allow tents and canopies that are smaller than 10 feet by 10 feet, citing concerns about clearing beaches quickly in the event of lightning. Atlantic City, however, has no rules against tents or canopies on their beaches. The focus of these rules is to prioritize safety and accessibility for all beachgoers while still allowing for shade and shelter in certain areas.

Travelers planning to visit the Jersey Shore for Memorial Day weekend may encounter traffic jams and delays as AAA predicts a 20-year travel record. The organization estimates that 43.8 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles between Thursday and Monday, with airports and freeways expected to be congested. The Transportation Security Administration predicts up to 3 million people passing through airport checkpoints on Friday alone. Despite the potential for delays, most holiday travelers are expected to choose car travel as their preferred mode of transportation.

Overall, the new rules limiting the use of beach structures along the Jersey Shore are aimed at enhancing safety and accessibility for all beachgoers. The restrictions on beach tents and canopies in certain areas, while still allowing standard umbrellas, will help emergency responders navigate crowded beach areas more effectively. As Memorial Day weekend approaches, travelers should be prepared for potential delays and heavy traffic as millions of Americans are expected to hit the road and airports for the holiday. Despite these challenges, officials are working to ensure that everyone can enjoy their holiday weekend while prioritizing safety and convenience.

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