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Bill Hilf, the CEO of Vale Group, is stepping down from his position at the end of May after more than seven years. The company, formerly known as Vulcan Inc., changed its name earlier this year. After Hilf’s departure, the current leadership team will oversee day-to-day operations, reporting to Jody Allen, the sister of late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Jody Allen co-founded the company and was the prior CEO, taking on various related roles as well.

Hilf stated in an interview that he has been discussing a leadership transition with Jody Allen for some time. The organization has undergone significant changes, with the employee count decreasing from over 800 to around 140 after divestitures and spin-offs following Paul Allen’s passing in 2018. Despite the changes, Hilf believes that the leadership team is strong and well-positioned to continue running the organization under Jody Allen’s guidance. He plans to remain involved in Seattle-area initiatives, such as his role as board chair of the Allen Institute for AI (AI2), and also spend more time with his family in Montana.

A veteran of companies like Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Hilf joined Vulcan in 2016 and became CEO for about two years before Paul Allen’s death. Since Allen’s passing, the organization has focused on winding down and disposing of his projects, investments, and assets, such as the h.Club LA and London, Stratolaunch, Vulcan Productions, and the Cinerama theater in Seattle. The Seattle Seahawks football team and Portland Trail Blazers basketball team, directly owned by the Paul Allen Estate, report up to Jody Allen separately.

Hilf expressed confidence that Paul Allen’s philanthropic vision will endure beyond his lifetime. He highlighted the impact of Allen’s philanthropic efforts on organizations like the Allen Institute and AI2, which have made significant breakthroughs and attracted top talent. Hilf believes that this impact will continue for many years to come in Seattle and beyond. Despite his departure from Vale Group, Hilf remains committed to supporting various initiatives and organizations that align with his personal and charitable interests.

In addition to his role on the national board of directors of American Prairie, a Montana-based nonprofit conservation organization, Hilf will also continue his involvement with the Allen Institute for AI in Seattle. He emphasized the importance of Paul Allen’s legacy and the ongoing impact of his philanthropic endeavors. Hilf’s departure marks a new chapter for Vale Group, signaling a transition to new leadership under Jody Allen’s guidance while maintaining a commitment to furthering Paul Allen’s philanthropic mission.

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