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The Daily Wire, a right-wing media outlet co-founded by Ben Shapiro, announced that it has severed ties with Candace Owens due to her repeated embrace of antisemitic rhetoric. Owens, a far-right commentator known for promoting misinformation and conspiracy theories, had joined The Daily Wire in 2021. Despite standing by her in the past, the outlet decided to end their relationship with her following her controversial comments on Israel and Jewish people in Hollywood and Washington, DC.

Owens confirmed the news of her departure from The Daily Wire in a social media post, expressing that she was finally free. The decision to part ways with Owens came after she made comments criticizing Israel and suggesting that Jewish people in Hollywood and Washington, DC were involved in something sinister. This led to backlash from the Jewish community and the Anti-Defamation League, who accused her of promoting an antisemitic agenda and fueling hate.

Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish, had publicly criticized Owens for her rhetoric, calling it disgraceful and faux sophistication. Owens responded with a brazen dig at Shapiro, invoking an age-old antisemitic trope suggesting a conflict between serving God and money. Despite Shapiro’s pushback, Owens continued to generate controversy and clashed with other conservative figures like Tucker Carlson, accusing him of ad hominem attacks.

While Owens will no longer have a platform at The Daily Wire, she still maintains a large following on social media and has garnered fame in right-wing circles for her extremist commentary. She was suspended from YouTube in September for violating hate speech rules, but continues to appeal to a younger, online audience with her support for former President Donald Trump and his culture warrior rhetoric.

The Daily Wire has faced criticism for its hosts promoting anti-LGBTQ themes and tropes. Other commentators like Matt Walsh have demonized gay and transgender individuals on their programs, advocating for extreme measures against doctors who provide gender-affirming care. Despite this controversy, The Daily Wire remains a prominent outlet in conservative media circles, with a history of presenting controversial and divisive viewpoints to its audience.

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