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Veronica Leoni has been named the new creative director of Calvin Klein, a role that will see the brand return to the runway. Global Brand President Eva Serrano expressed confidence in Leoni’s ability to define a new era for Calvin Klein, citing her purposeful approach to design and work ethic as valuable assets. Though Leoni may not be a household name, her impressive resume includes stints at Jil Sander, Céline, Moncler, and The Row. She also founded her own label, Quira, and was a finalist for the LVMH Prize in 2023.

Calvin Klein has been without a designer since Raf Simons departed as chief creative officer in late 2018. However, the brand has made headlines recently with successful campaigns featuring celebrities such as Jeremy Allen White and K-pop stars Jennie Kim and Jungkook. These ambassador choices have resonated with Gen Z consumers, helping to reignite the brand’s image following a period of relative quiet. Additionally, Calvin Klein has been making an impact on the red carpet, with celebrities like Zendaya and Brittney Griner choosing to wear the brand for high-profile events.

Leoni’s appointment as creative director of the Collection line represents a significant shift for Calvin Klein, as she is tasked with revitalizing the brand and resonating with consumers worldwide. Her distinct style, described as a “sharp point of view on femininity with an edge,” aligns well with Calvin Klein’s iconic brand DNA. With Leoni at the helm, Calvin Klein is poised to launch a collection that reflects its values and appeals to a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

The brand’s recent successes, including high-profile collaborations and innovative campaigns, have helped to reposition Calvin Klein in the competitive fashion landscape. By embracing popular culture and leveraging the star power of celebrities, Calvin Klein has been able to reconnect with consumers and generate buzz around its brand. Leoni’s appointment signifies a new chapter for Calvin Klein, signaling a renewed focus on design excellence and creativity that will shape the future of the brand.

Leoni’s experience at top fashion houses and her own label provide her with a unique perspective and creative vision that will undoubtedly influence the direction of Calvin Klein’s collections. Her background in luxury fashion and understanding of contemporary trends make her a strong fit for the brand, as it seeks to evolve and adapt to the evolving fashion industry. With Leoni’s leadership, Calvin Klein is poised to redefine its aesthetic and capture the attention of consumers globally.

Overall, Veronica Leoni’s appointment as creative director of Calvin Klein represents a significant moment for the brand, as it looks to usher in a new era of design and creativity. With her impressive track record and unique perspective, Leoni is well-positioned to lead Calvin Klein into the future and create collections that resonate with consumers worldwide. This move signifies a bold step forward for the brand and sets the stage for exciting developments in the fashion world.

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