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Northern California mom Sherri Papini, who was released from federal prison in August after a kidnapping hoax, now faces wage garnishment for failing to pay over $300,000 in restitution. Assistant U.S. Attorney Robin Tubesing filed an application for garnishment in the amount of $340,221 against Papini and her attorney’s firm, Kinney & Kinney Attorneys at Law. Despite demands for payment, Papini has not satisfied the debt, prompting the action to recover the full amount.

Papini, who pleaded guilty in 2022 to charges related to the kidnapping scheme she orchestrated with her ex-boyfriend, was found to have gone for a jog in Redding, California in 2016, only to disappear for three weeks before reemerging with a fabricated abduction story implicating two Hispanic women. It took investigators years to uncover the truth as Papini pinned the blame on imaginary perpetrators. DNA evidence played a crucial role in unraveling her false tale, linking her to her ex-boyfriend’s relative.

The investigation into Papini’s hoax led to her being confronted by detectives in front of her husband in a 2020 interrogation, where she continued to deny the kidnapping was fake or that she had any involvement with her ex-boyfriend. Despite the mounting evidence against her, Papini was not arrested until 2022, at which point her husband filed for divorce. Prior to her arrest, she had illegally collected funds from the California Victim Compensation Board and Social Security Administration by perpetuating her false kidnapping story.

At her sentencing, Papini apologized to her family and the public and was ordered to pay approximately $309,000 in restitution. However, court records show that she has failed to make the required payments, resulting in the garnishment action seeking to recover the outstanding debt. Papini is working with the court and government to comply with the payment requirements, according to her criminal defense attorney, William Portanova. The situation highlights the consequences of her actions and the financial ramifications of her criminal behavior.

The saga of Sherri Papini’s kidnapping hoax and subsequent legal troubles have captured national attention, with news of her release from prison, failure to pay restitution, and now facing wage garnishment making headlines. The case serves as a cautionary tale of the risks and consequences associated with perpetrating elaborate deceptions and falsely implicating others in criminal acts. Papini’s actions have had far-reaching consequences not only for her personal life but also in terms of legal repercussions and financial obligations that continue to unfold as she grapples with the aftermath of her deceit. The ongoing legal proceedings and repercussions underscore the lasting impact of her actions and the complexity of navigating the aftermath of a high-profile criminal case.

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