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Premier Roger Cook has opened a new “home base” for Team WA in Canberra called the WA Hub, which is being dubbed the “WA Embassy” by the state opposition. The hub will provide office space and meeting rooms for state government representatives, WA businesses, peak bodies, unions, and not-for-profits near Parliament House. The new office, located on Brisbane Avenue, cost $150,000 to set up and will cost $100,000 a year to run. Cook outlined his government’s Canberra strategy, highlighting priorities such as WA’s decarbonisation plan, clean energy infrastructure, defence industry, and the GST deal.

During the opening of the WA Hub, Cook emphasized the importance of ensuring WA’s voice is heard clearly in Canberra. He acknowledged the unique opportunities and challenges presented by WA’s size and diversity, as well as the distance from the nation’s capital. Cook stated that the Canberra Hub will serve as a home base for WA in Canberra and facilitate the state’s representation at the national level. He emphasized the importance of showcasing what WA has to offer the nation and ensuring the state’s interests are at the forefront of the national agenda.

The opposition has criticized the establishment of the Canberra office, suggesting that it was created because Cook failed to effectively communicate with WA’s 14 federal Labor MPs. Despite the criticism, Cook remains committed to ensuring that WA’s interests are represented at the national level and that the state’s voice is heard in Canberra. The new Canberra Hub is seen as a functional space that will support WA’s engagement with the federal government and other stakeholders. Cook envisions the hub as a central location for promoting WA’s economic strengths and addressing the challenges faced by the state.

The WA Hub represents a significant investment in promoting WA’s interests and priorities at the national level. By creating a dedicated space for state government representatives, businesses, and other stakeholders in Canberra, Cook aims to enhance WA’s visibility and influence in federal decision-making. The hub will facilitate communication and collaboration between WA and the federal government, as well as provide a platform for showcasing the state’s economic potential and policy priorities. Overall, the establishment of the Canberra Hub demonstrates Cook’s commitment to strengthening WA’s presence in the nation’s capital and ensuring that the state’s voice is heard on key issues affecting Western Australia.

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