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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band recently announced the postponement of their tour dates in Prague and Milan due to the singer’s vocal issues. This decision came after Springsteen had to postpone a previously scheduled concert in Marseille as well. Doctors have advised that Springsteen take a break from performing for the next ten days to recuperate comfortably. Rescheduled dates for the postponed concerts have not been announced yet. This is not the first instance of Springsteen having to postpone shows, as he had to cancel the remainder of his 2023 tour due to health issues.

In 2023, Springsteen faced health issues that led to the postponement of several of his shows. He initially postponed two concerts in Philadelphia due to an unspecified illness before later postponing all performances for September due to advice from medical advisors. It was revealed that Springsteen was being treated for symptoms of peptic ulcer disease, which is an open sore in the stomach lining or the first part of the small intestine. Symptoms can include belching, bloating, feeling full too soon or uncomfortably full after eating a meal, as well as nausea and vomiting. Following treatment for his health issues, the rest of the 2023 tour was postponed until 2024.

In March, Springsteen spoke candidly about his health issues in a call to SiriusXM’s E Street Radio. He explained that his stomach problems had affected his ability to sing, as the pain in his diaphragm made it impossible for him to perform. Springsteen endured these health problems for two to three months, along with other painful issues. Steve Van Zandt, his bandmate, also revealed that they were surprised by the extent of Springsteen’s illness. Springsteen has also been open about his struggles with depression and has credited therapy and a strict routine of exercise and healthy diet for helping him stay mentally and physically fit.

Springsteen emphasized the importance of diet in maintaining his health and longevity in the music industry. He mentioned that he avoids eating excessive amounts of food and opts for healthy choices, indulging occasionally for enjoyment. He also highlighted the significance of exercise, including running, walking, and weight training, in his fitness regimen. Springsteen’s dedication to his physical health, mental well-being, and commitment to a healthy lifestyle has allowed him to continue performing at a high level well into his 70s. Despite facing various health challenges, Springsteen remains resilient and determined to prioritize his well-being while pursuing his passion for music.

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