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Boxing legend Mike Tyson recently experienced a health scare on a flight, leading to concerns about his upcoming match against Jake Paul. The incident occurred when he suffered nausea and dizziness due to an ulcer flare-up. Despite this setback, Tyson’s reps reassured the public that he is recovering well with the help of medical staff. The heavily anticipated fight between Tyson and Paul is scheduled for July 20 at the home of the Dallas Cowboys and will be broadcast live on Netflix. Ryan Garcia, who recently faced controversy for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, offered to step in as a replacement for Tyson if needed.

After news of Tyson’s health scare emerged, questions arose about the status of the fight with Paul. Garcia, facing backlash for his own doping controversy, reached out to Paul on social media offering to fill in if Tyson is unable to compete. Despite this, Paul dismissed the concern and assured fans that there were no changes to the fight plans. The 25-year-old boxer’s positive drug test for Ostarine before and after his fight against Devin Haney last month has sparked controversy within the boxing community. While Garcia and his team deny any wrongdoing, the New York State Athletic Commission is currently reviewing the issue. Haney’s father and even UFC legend Conor McGregor have called for severe punishments such as a lifetime ban for Garcia.

Garcia’s fight against Haney was originally intended to be a battle for the WBC super lightweight title before Garcia missed weight. Despite winning the fight, the positive drug test overshadowed his victory and led to widespread criticism. The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association reported that Garcia’s B-sample also tested positive for Ostarine, further complicating the situation. Bill Haney, Devin’s father, expressed frustration over the doping incident, referring to it as a “terrible thing” for the sport of boxing as a whole. McGregor joined the chorus of condemnation, advocating for a harsh punishment for Garcia in a now-deleted post on social media.

As Tyson continues to recover from his recent health scare, the status of his upcoming fight with Paul remains uncertain. While Garcia has offered to step in as a replacement if necessary, Paul has indicated that the fight is still scheduled to take place as planned. The controversy surrounding Garcia’s positive drug test has added a layer of complexity to the situation, with calls for severe consequences continuing to mount. As the boxing world waits for more information on Tyson’s condition and the status of the fight, the sport grapples with the implications of doping in professional competition.

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