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Bill Maher recently released his new book, “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You,” which is an anthology of his editorials from his TV shows over the last 20 years. The comedian wanted to provide readers with an encyclopedia of all the good things he has said and also to reflect on whether he had changed or if politics had changed. Maher, a lifelong Democrat, addresses accusations that he now makes fun of the left more than he used to, attributing this change to the rise of identity politics, super-sensitivity, victim culture, cancel culture, and other factors on the left that he finds troubling.

In the book, Maher discusses his strong opinions on various issues, including marijuana reform, the dangers of our food, the scam of college education, and the idea that kids have too much self-esteem. He believes that college is unnecessary for most jobs and that pushing more education is not always the best solution. Maher also reflects on whether the recent campus craziness and fringe extremism could lead to a pendulum shift back toward normalcy and away from the more extreme views that have emerged in recent times.

Maher expresses concern about the current political climate and the potential for a civil war scenario ahead of the 2024 election. He highlights the need for people to stop hating each other over political differences and to recognize that differing opinions are a normal part of a democratic society. He criticizes some of the extreme ideas coming from the left, such as abolishing the police, communism, and tearing down historical statues, and emphasizes the importance of finding common ground and unity as a nation.

The comedian stresses the importance of unity in the United States and warns that the country could face a similar fate to the Roman Empire if people continue to polarize and divide along political lines. Maher hopes that his book will encourage readers to consider the dangers of extreme polarization and the need to come together as Americans despite differing beliefs and ideologies. He urges people to remember the significance of being “united” in the United States and to prioritize finding common ground and mutual respect over divisive rhetoric and actions. Ultimately, Maher’s message is a call for unity and understanding in a time of increasing political polarization.

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