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President Joe Biden traveled to New Hampshire to discuss the impact of the PACT Act, aimed at assisting veterans exposed to toxins. Since the law was enacted in August 2022, over 1 million claims have been approved, benefiting around 888,000 veterans nationwide. The total benefits given under the PACT Act amount to approximately $5.7 billion, according to administration data. The President’s visit to New Hampshire was part of his efforts to highlight his legislative accomplishments ahead of upcoming elections.

Biden’s visit to New Hampshire was specifically to detail the impact of the PACT Act, which allows veterans who were exposed to burn pits or other toxins during their service to receive disability benefits. The law has made it easier for veterans and their survivors to access these benefits without having to prove a direct link between their illnesses and exposure to toxic substances. Before the PACT Act, the Department of Veterans Affairs denied 70% of disability claims involving burn pit exposure. The law has helped alleviate some of the hurdles veterans faced in obtaining care for illnesses related to their service.

The PACT Act is a personal issue for Biden, who has blamed burn pits for the brain cancer that killed his son Beau, a veteran who served in Iraq. The President has repeatedly vowed to get the PACT Act into law to ensure that veterans receive the care and benefits they deserve. Burn pits were commonly used on military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan to dispose of various materials, including chemicals, tires, plastics, and medical waste. The law requires the VA to assume that certain respiratory illnesses and cancers are related to burn pit exposure, making it easier for veterans to access the care and benefits they need.

The impact of the PACT Act has been significant, with over 1 million claims approved since its enactment, benefiting nearly 888,000 veterans and their survivors across the country. The total benefits given under the law amount to approximately $5.7 billion, highlighting the impact it has had on the lives of veterans and their families. The PACT Act is a relatively lower-profile legislative accomplishment compared to other major laws passed by the administration, but it is one that has made a tangible difference in the lives of veterans who have been struggling to access care and benefits.

President Biden’s efforts to highlight the impact of the PACT Act underscore his commitment to supporting veterans and ensuring they receive the care and benefits they need. The law has addressed longstanding issues with access to care for veterans exposed to toxins during their service and has provided critical support to those who have been affected by burn pits or other toxic exposure. By detailing the impact and success of the PACT Act, the administration is reaffirming its commitment to supporting veterans and honoring their service and sacrifice.

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