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Critics on social media criticized President Biden for a lack of fanfare over his motorcade in Atlanta, where he held a fundraiser and delivered a commencement speech at Morehouse College. The footage showed largely empty streets with only a few supporters greeting the president. Despite this, Biden expressed gratitude to Georgia voters for his victory in the 2020 election. Social media users mocked the lack of excitement over Biden’s motorcade, with some sarcastically commenting on the small number of people present.

Biden faced protests and outrage from students at Morehouse College, where he delivered the commencement address. Students expressed that they felt used for political gain and did not want Biden to speak at their graduation. There were also protests against the U.S.’s handling of the war in Israel ahead of Biden’s speech. Morehouse’s president warned that disruptive behavior during commencement proceedings would not be tolerated and could lead to the shutdown of the ceremony.

Biden’s visit to Atlanta comes amid a surge in support for former President Trump in key battleground states, including Georgia. Trump’s support among Black voters has more than doubled, while Biden has seen a drop in support but still maintains a significant lead. Trump’s recent visit to Atlanta was met with enthusiastic support from his followers, especially in the Buckhead neighborhood, where residents have sought to secede from the city due to rising crime rates.

Trump’s rally in New Jersey, which drew thousands of supporters, highlighted his continued popularity among his base. Despite his ongoing legal troubles in Manhattan related to falsifying business records, Trump is planning more rallies in traditionally blue areas like the Bronx. Trump’s ability to draw large crowds contrasts with the criticisms Biden has faced over the lackluster reception of his motorcade in Atlanta.

The political dynamics in Atlanta underscore the divisions between supporters of Biden and Trump, with residents of Buckhead seeking to distance themselves from the city’s crime issues. Trump’s backing of the secession effort reflects his ongoing focus on law and order issues, which have resonated with many voters. Biden’s struggles to maintain support among Black voters also highlight the challenges he faces heading into the next election cycle.

Overall, the contrasting receptions of Biden and Trump in Atlanta illustrate the deep political polarization in the country. Biden’s trip to the city, marked by protests and criticisms, reveals the challenges he faces in maintaining his base of support. Meanwhile, Trump’s continuing popularity and ability to draw large crowds indicate that he remains a formidable force in American politics, despite his legal troubles. As the 2022 midterm elections approach, the political landscape remains contentious and unpredictable.

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