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President Joe Biden delivered a commencement address to the graduating class of West Point, where he emphasized the importance of defending and protecting democracy in America. He highlighted the values Democrats have suggested are at risk, such as democracy and the NATO alliance, without directly mentioning former President Donald Trump or making an appeal to voters. Biden praised NATO as the greatest defense alliance in history and expressed support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s invasion. He also commended the US military for its work in providing aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

Biden’s speech at West Point comes as he navigates a delicate balance in his support for Israel during its conflict with Hamas, which has sparked controversy and unrest at college campuses across the country. The president also addressed the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza during a commencement address at Morehouse College the previous weekend, appealing to Black voters while acknowledging the concerns of young people over the situation. He praised the US military for building a temporary pier off the shore of Gaza to increase aid delivery to Palestinians.

During his address, Biden expressed a willingness to use force to protect the nation, vowing to deliver justice to anyone who targets American troops. He cited his authorization of drone strikes against Iranian-backed militants in response to the killing of US service members in Jordan. The president also addressed the issue of sexual harassment in the military, stating that every member of the armed forces must be safe and respected. He noted a reduction in reported incidents of sexual assault and harassment in the military, calling for an end to the scourge of sexual violence.

Overall, Biden’s speech at West Point highlighted his administration’s commitment to defending democracy, supporting allies like Ukraine, and addressing military sexual assault. He praised the US military for its efforts in providing aid to Palestinians in Gaza and reiterated his willingness to use force to protect American troops. The president’s remarks come amid a backdrop of geopolitical tensions, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Biden’s address also emphasized the importance of ending sexual violence in the military and ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all service members.

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