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President Joe Biden signed into law a $1.2 trillion funding package that completes the funding of federal agencies through the fiscal year, which ends on September 30. The House passed the bill on Friday, and the Senate passed it early Saturday morning. The legislation addresses critical government operations, including the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, State, and the legislative branch. Biden described the package as a compromise that is good news for the American people, rejecting extreme cuts from House Republicans while investing in areas such as child care, cancer research, and mental health.

The president highlighted the inclusion of resources to secure the border, which his administration had fought for, in the final package. He urged Congress to pass additional legislation, stating that their work is not finished. Biden called on the House to pass a bipartisan national security supplemental bill and urged both chambers to pass a bipartisan border security bill that his administration has negotiated, calling it the toughest and fairest reforms in decades. He emphasized the importance of completing these tasks and moving forward with legislation to advance national security interests.

The signing of this legislation marks a significant moment on Capitol Hill, bringing to a close an annual appropriations process that has seen delays due to partisan policy disagreements and a change in leadership in the House after former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted by conservatives in an unprecedented vote last year. This funding package is the second part of a two-tiered government funding process, with a separate six-bill funding package, signed into law earlier in the month, providing funding for various departments and federal programs. The completion of this appropriations process represents progress in ensuring the continued functioning of government operations.

The successful passage of this legislation represents a significant achievement for the Biden administration and Congress, as it establishes funding for critical government functions and programs through the fiscal year. The bill addresses key departments and agencies, providing resources for national security, border security, and important social programs. With the completion of the appropriations process, attention can now turn towards passing additional legislation to further advance national priorities and interests. The signing of this legislation reflects a commitment to compromise and cooperation in addressing the funding needs of the federal government and serving the American people.

Overall, the signing of the $1.2 trillion funding legislation by President Biden represents a milestone in the annual appropriations process, ensuring that federal agencies are funded through the fiscal year. The bill addresses critical government operations and includes investments in key areas such as child care, cancer research, and mental health. The inclusion of resources to secure the border demonstrates the administration’s commitment to addressing national security priorities. Moving forward, Congress is urged to pass additional legislation to advance national security interests and complete the appropriations process. The completion of this funding package signifies progress in ensuring the functioning of government operations and the fulfillment of key national priorities.

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