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In a recent interview, Sen. Bernie Sanders warned President Joe Biden that continuing to send military aid to Israel unconditionally could harm his standing within the Democratic Party, especially with younger voters and voters of color. Sanders emphasized the need for the United States to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to halt the bombing campaign in Gaza and allow more humanitarian aid to reach Palestinians. He stated that Americans, including the Democratic base, do not want to be complicit in the suffering of Palestinians, particularly children who are starving due to the conflict. Recent polls have shown a decline in support for Israel’s actions in Gaza, indicating a shift in public opinion on the issue.

Sanders criticized Netanyahu’s government for its actions in Gaza, particularly the killing of aid workers associated with the charity organization World Central Kitchen. He called for an end to indiscriminate killings, restrictions on humanitarian aid, and the use of food as a weapon in the conflict. Sanders stated that the U.S. should not continue to provide financial support to Israel while the violence against the Palestinian people continues. The incident involving the aid workers was described as a horror, further highlighting the urgent need for a change in approach to the conflict.

President Biden’s approval rating is currently low, with a significant portion of the public disapproving of his policies regarding Israel and Gaza. The left-wing movement in the Democratic Party is increasingly voting “uncommitted” in primary elections as a form of protest against Biden’s stance on the issue. Activists are mobilizing to deliver a rebuke to Biden in upcoming primary elections, including in Wisconsin. Despite his disagreements with Biden on Israel, Sanders emphasized his commitment to ensuring that Donald Trump does not get re-elected in November, stating that a Trump presidency would be disastrous for the country.

Sanders called for a shift in U.S. policy towards Israel, stressing the need for a more balanced and humanitarian approach to the conflict in Gaza. He urged Biden to reconsider the unconditional military aid to Israel and to prioritize the well-being of Palestinians who are suffering as a result of the violence. Sanders highlighted the importance of addressing the root causes of the conflict and promoting peace and justice for all parties involved. By taking a stronger stance against Israel’s actions in Gaza, Sanders believes that Biden can regain the support of the Democratic base and improve his standing within the party and among voters ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

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