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This week’s Newsweek Pet of the Week is Festivus, a rescue dog who lives in Virginia with owner Rebecca Faeder and is particularly close with her granddaughter, Ava. Festivus, rescued from 2×2 rescue in Indiana, loves car rides, watching TV, and playing with his family members. He enjoys playing tug-of-war with Faeder’s grandchildren and has been a beloved member of the family since birth.

One of the finalists for Pet of the Week is a pair of Chihuahua mix pups named Cricket and Goob, who live in Utah with owner Dan Whitaker. The pups enjoy rides in the car, playing outside, and eating treats. They are described as cute, sweet, and full of love, with an ability to anticipate their owner’s actions. Another finalist is Larry, a ginger and white cat who is skilled at tricking his owner into giving him treats. Described as constantly seeking attention and being a loyal companion, Larry is cherished by his owner, Christine Eaton.

Sadie and Grace, two Labradors living in Virginia with owner Susan Crosby, round out the list of finalists for Pet of the Week. Sadie, who is 14 years old, and Grace, who is just 16 weeks old, share a close bond and enjoy spending time together. Crosby expresses her love for Labradors and describes them as the best dogs ever. Newsweek invites readers to share funny and adorable videos or pictures of their pets for a chance to be featured in the Pet of the Week lineup by sending them to [email protected].

Overall, Newsweek aims to challenge conventional wisdom and find connections in the search for common ground. Through highlighting and celebrating the relationships between pets and their owners, the Pet of the Week feature brings heartwarming and lighthearted content to readers. The stories of Festivus, Cricket, Goob, Larry, Sadie, and Grace showcase the special bonds that can form between animals and humans, bringing joy and companionship to both parties. Readers are encouraged to participate in sharing their own pet stories for a chance to be featured in future editions of Pet of the Week.

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