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The closed beta for Arena Breakout Infinite has seen an unexpectedly high level of popularity, with Twitch drops being claimed quickly and the game becoming one of the most popular in the world. However, despite this success, there are several issues within the game that need to be addressed before the full release.

One major complaint from players is the clunky movement within the game. Even when sprinting, characters feel slow and lumbered, impacting the overall gameplay experience. An overhaul to movement speed and animations would greatly improve the fluidity of Arena Breakout Infinite and increase player satisfaction.

Another issue is the lack of a solo queue option, making the game much more enjoyable when played in a squad rather than as an individual. Adding a solo-only queue would provide solo players with a better experience and allow them to compete against others who are also playing solo.

The issue of cheating has also been a concern, with over 2000 cheaters being banned during the closed beta and reports of false bans surfacing. A robust anti-cheat system is crucial for the success of Arena Breakout Infinite, as it needs to detect cheats effectively while minimizing false bans.

Players have also noted a potential issue with the amount of in-game currency that can be earned, with concerns that running out of cash may become a problem. Balancing the economy in the game and ensuring players can earn enough money, even if they die frequently, is essential to prevent players from feeling pressured into spending real money on in-game purchases.

Spawn locations have also been a point of contention, with some maps featuring spawn points that leave players vulnerable to immediate attacks. Moving spawns and adding more cover around them could help alleviate this issue and improve the overall gameplay experience.

Despite its popularity, Arena Breakout Infinite has several areas that need improvement before its full release. Addressing these issues, such as movement, solo queue options, anti-cheat measures, in-game currency, and spawn locations, will be crucial for the game’s success and continued player satisfaction.

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