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The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced that Barry Bonds will be inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame this summer. Bonds, who was drafted by the Pirates in 1982, had a successful career in Pittsburgh, winning two MVP awards and three Gold Glove awards. Bonds expressed his excitement and honor at being included in the Hall of Fame class, stating that Pittsburgh will always have a special place in his heart.

After his time in Pittsburgh, Bonds went on to have an incredibly successful career with the San Francisco Giants, where he won multiple MVP awards, Gold Glove awards, and Silver Slugger awards. However, Bonds was also controversially linked to performance-enhancing drugs during his time in San Francisco, despite his denials. He is also known for being the all-time leader in walks and intentional walks in MLB history.

Throughout his career, Bonds was often disliked by the media, but his talent and accomplishments on the field were undeniable. Despite his controversial reputation, Bonds remains the only player in the 350-350 club, with 762 home runs and 514 stolen bases. Bonds had his number 25 retired by the Giants in 2018, and his number 24 with the Pirates was previously retired in honor of his godfather, Willie Mays.

Bonds will be inducted into the Pirates Hall of Fame alongside his former manager Jim Leyland and former teammate Manny Sanguillen. Leyland, who opposed a trade that would have sent Bonds to the Atlanta Braves during his time in Pittsburgh, had a close bond with Bonds and will also be honored by the team. Sanguillen, who played with Bonds during his time in Pittsburgh, will join Bonds in the Hall of Fame.

Despite his controversial legacy, Bonds’ induction into the Pirates Hall of Fame marks a reconciliation between the player and his former team. Bonds expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be recognized by the team where his career began, and it appears that any previous tensions between Bonds and the Pirates have been set aside in order to honor his accomplishments on the field.

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