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In the season finale of Below Deck, Barbie Pascual made a dramatic exit by storming off the boat late at night. The tension had been building during a crew night out when Xandi Olivier complimented Barbie’s growth but also mentioned her past mistakes. Barbie reacted defensively, feeling unsupported by the crew, especially her boyfriend, Kyle Stillie. The argument escalated in a van on the way back to St. David, with emotions running high.

Despite attempts to calm the situation, Barbie continued to express her frustration with the crew, especially Kyle. She eventually decided to pack up her bags and leave, declaring that she was done and quitting. In a confessional, Barbie clarified that she wasn’t actually leaving her job, but was tired of the continuous negativity from the crew. She expressed feeling isolated and unappreciated by her colleagues.

After Barbie left, the crew woke up with regrets in the morning. Kyle revealed that their relationship was officially over, as Barbie had sent him a strong message expressing her anger and disappointment in him. Xandi also expressed regret over how things ended with Barbie, acknowledging that a drunk mouth speaks sober truth. Captain Kerry Titheradge was informed of the situation and sympathized with Barbie’s decision to leave after a tense season.

In an exclusive interview before the finale aired, Barbie admitted that she regretted her attitude during the season and was shocked watching it back. She addressed the misconception that she was heartless, stating that she was focused on doing her job effectively. Barbie shared that she was working long hours and was dedicated to her work, even if her formalities of being sweet didn’t always come across as intended. She emphasized her commitment to her job despite the challenges she faced.

Barbie’s exit from Below Deck highlighted the challenges she experienced during the season, including feeling unsupported and unappreciated by her colleagues. The episode captured the intense emotions and conflicts that arose within the crew, leading to Barbie’s decision to leave the boat. Despite the dramatic exit, Barbie reflected on her growth and dedication to her job, demonstrating her resilience and commitment to her career. The tensions and conflicts among the crew members added depth to the season’s storyline, showcasing the interpersonal dynamics and challenges faced in the high-pressure environment of a luxury yacht.

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