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The Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay has come under scrutiny for inviting controversial speaker Jason Evert to give a presentation on sexuality at St Joseph’s College. Evert, known for his conservative views on sexuality, argues that parents have the right to choose what kind of information their children receive, which is why many choose a Catholic education. He insists that his message is not about hate or medical misinformation, but rather focuses on virtues such as chastity and modesty.

However, some parents and students at St Joseph’s College have raised concerns about Evert’s perspectives, particularly his views on homosexuality being ‘disordered’. One parent, Sarah Greenaway, believes that Evert’s views do not align with modern Catholic teachings and could be harmful and alienating to students, especially those who feel marginalized. A group of year 10 students have also expressed their concerns about Evert’s messages and morals, calling them backwards and not conducive to promoting healthy and respectful relationships.

In response to the criticism, a spokeswoman for Catholic Schools Broken Bay stated that they have multiple initiatives in place to provide reassurance and certainty in a challenging and complex world about relationships and sexuality. While they aim to align guest speakers with Catholic Church teachings, they also prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all students. The session with Jason Evert will not be compulsory for students, allowing them to choose whether or not to participate.

Despite the controversy surrounding Jason Evert’s upcoming presentation, the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay remains committed to providing a Catholic education that reflects the teachings of the Church. While Evert’s conservative views on sexuality may not resonate with all members of the community, the Diocese believes that it is important to offer different perspectives on these important topics. By allowing students to engage in these discussions and make their own choices, the Diocese hopes to empower them to form their own opinions on relationships and sexuality.

The debate over Jason Evert’s invitation to speak at St Joseph’s College highlights the ongoing tension within the Catholic community regarding issues of sexuality and morality. While some support Evert’s conservative views on chastity and modesty, others argue that his perspectives can be harmful and exclusionary to certain groups of students. This controversy underscores the need for open and respectful dialogue on these sensitive topics within the Catholic education system.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Jason Evert’s upcoming presentation at St Joseph’s College reflects wider debates within the Catholic community about sexuality, morality, and education. While the Diocese of Broken Bay maintains its commitment to providing a Catholic education in line with Church teachings, the inclusion of controversial speakers like Evert raises important questions about the diversity of perspectives within the Catholic community. Ultimately, the goal remains to empower students to engage critically with these issues and form their own informed opinions in a complex and challenging world.

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