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Terris Smith is a dedicated accountant by day and a fierce boxer by night, with dreams of qualifying for the Olympics. Hooked on the sport after hitting full power on every punch in her first fight, Smith has worked her way up the ranks over eight years to become a feared opponent in the ring. Despite her mild-mannered persona at the office, Smith is known for her fast right hand and ability to deliver powerful punches in the ring. With numerous titles under her belt, she is constantly pushing herself to train harder and achieve her goals.

Despite taking on a partner role at her accounting firm, Smith has managed to claim multiple B.C. titles, as well as national and international belts. Every win in the ring motivates her to push through the exhaustion and the stress of balancing work and training. With her schedule primarily revolving around work and boxing, Smith is completely focused on her ultimate goal of qualifying for the Olympics. She is determined to make all the sacrifices worth it when she achieves her dream.

As Smith gears up for a new round of bouts in an Olympic qualifying tournament in Thailand, her coach, Jason Heit, emphasizes the significance of the Olympics in amateur boxing. The opportunity to compete at the pinnacle of the sport is something Smith has always dreamed of, and she is fully committed to giving her all to secure a spot in Paris this summer. Believing in herself and putting in the hard work during training are what have kept Smith going throughout her journey, despite facing numerous challenges along the way.

With Smith’s impressive track record in the boxing world and her unwavering determination to succeed, she is well-equipped to face the competition at the Olympic qualifying tournament. Her coach praises her ability to deliver powerful punches despite her small stature, highlighting the need to carefully select sparring partners for her training. Smith’s dedication to her craft and her relentless pursuit of her goals make her a formidable opponent, both in the ring and on her path to potentially qualifying for the Olympics.

For Smith, the road to the Olympics has been a challenging yet rewarding journey filled with triumphs and setbacks. Balancing the demands of her work as an accountant with her passion for boxing has tested her resilience and determination, but she remains steadfast in her pursuit of Olympic qualification. As she prepares to face new opponents in Thailand and strives for a spot in Paris, Smith’s unwavering self-belief and relentless work ethic continue to drive her towards her ultimate goal of Olympic glory. With the support of her coach, teammates, and her own unwavering determination, Smith is poised to make her mark on the boxing world and potentially achieve her lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics.

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