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When it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses, it’s important for brides to consider the feelings of their bridal party. While it may be the bride’s special day, it’s also important for the bridesmaids to feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing. Wearing an uncomfortable or unflattering dress can dampen the mood for everyone involved. Stylist Anny Choi suggests that brides take the time to consider what their bridal party will be wearing and avoid subjecting them to ugly dresses.

One important tip from Choi is to not leave the selection of bridesmaid dresses until the last minute. Planning ahead and coordinating the dresses with the overall wedding theme, including flowers and decor, can help ensure that everyone is happy with the final choice. It’s important to remember that not everyone looks great in the same color or style, so taking the time to plan ahead can prevent any last-minute dress disasters.

Another key piece of advice from Choi is to take the temperature of your bridal party early on in the planning process. By sending out a questionnaire to gauge their comfort levels with factors such as price, colors, and wardrobe restrictions, brides can ensure that everyone feels taken care of and seen. By compiling this information before starting the dress selection process, brides can better understand where their bridal party members stand and make decisions accordingly.

It’s also important for brides to be mindful of the different body types and preferences of their bridal party members. Not everyone will look great in the same silhouette or style, so offering a variety of options can help ensure that everyone feels their most confident on the big day. By considering the individual needs and preferences of each bridesmaid, brides can avoid any potential disasters and make sure that everyone is happy with their dress choices.

Overall, the key to avoiding ugly bridesmaid dresses is thoughtful planning and consideration for the feelings of the bridal party. By taking the time to coordinate with the overall wedding theme, communicate with the bridesmaids, and offer a variety of options to suit different body types, brides can ensure that everyone feels happy and comfortable on the special day. It’s important to remember that while it is the bride’s day, the happiness and comfort of the bridal party should also be taken into consideration when choosing dresses.

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