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Austin Butler recently talked about the unexpected encounter he had with Robert De Niro and Snoop Dogg at a gathering at a Malibu home, where they shared tacos and posed for pictures together. Butler, who was invited by a mutual friend, expressed his excitement at the chance to meet his “hero” De Niro and jump at the opportunity without hesitation. Despite Snoop’s well-known love for weed, Butler admitted to feeling a bit nervous about getting high in the presence of De Niro, a Hollywood legend.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Butler revealed that he refrained from indulging in weed at the gathering, recalling a past experience of Kimmel getting high with Snoop on television and eating a lot of chicken at the rapper’s house. The actor shared his own starstruck moment when he met Meryl Streep at a star-studded party at Paul McCartney’s house, where he ended up eating vegan pizza in the kitchen before finally mustering the courage to talk to the Oscar-winning actress. Despite his nerves, Butler described Streep as being incredibly sweet during their interaction.

The encounter with De Niro, Snoop, and Streep added to Butler’s experiences of meeting and interacting with major Hollywood icons throughout his career. These encounters have given him unique insights and memories that he cherishes, such as dining on vegan pizza at McCartney’s house and sharing tacos with his “hero” De Niro. Butler’s ability to remain grounded and starstruck during these interactions highlights his humility and appreciation for the opportunities he has had to meet and connect with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

As a rising star in Hollywood, Butler’s interactions with well-established actors like De Niro and Streep serve as both a learning experience and a chance to build connections within the industry. His willingness to put himself in new and sometimes nerve-wracking situations, such as meeting his “hero” while trying to resist the temptation of getting high, showcases his dedication to his craft and his desire to continue growing as an actor. Butler’s genuine excitement and nervousness about meeting these iconic figures humanize him and make him relatable to audiences who may also feel starstruck in similar situations.

Butler’s stories about meeting celebrities like De Niro, Snoop, and Streep offer a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes experiences of a Hollywood actor navigating interactions with well-known figures in the industry. His willingness to share these moments on a popular talk show like Jimmy Kimmel Live! allows fans to see a different side of him and understand the challenges and thrills that come with mingling with Hollywood royalty. Ultimately, Butler’s humility, excitement, and nerves when meeting his idols reflect his genuine appreciation for the opportunities and experiences that come with being a part of the entertainment world.

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