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Lawyers for Cassie Ventura, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ ex-girlfriend, have criticized his recent apology for the physical abuse she suffered at his hands in 2016. The apology was deemed “pathetic” by Ventura’s attorney, Meredith Firetog, who claimed that Combs’ statement was more about himself than the harm he caused others. This response came after disturbing surveillance footage emerged showing Combs violently attacking Ventura in a hotel, throwing her to the ground, kicking her, and dragging her down a hallway. Firetog stated that Combs only apologized once his repeated denials of the accusations were proven false, displaying his desperation and insincerity.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Combs admitted to taking “full responsibility” for his actions, claiming that he was at “rock bottom” when the incident took place. He mentioned that he had been attending therapy since then to improve himself and expressed disgust with his past behavior. Despite settling a lawsuit with Ventura in November 2023, where she accused Combs of years of physical violence and sexual abuse, Combs has denied the charges, including those related to the 2016 assault in the hotel. Ventura had detailed in the lawsuit how Combs had punched her in the face, leading her to wear a hooded sweatshirt in the video to conceal a black eye as she fled the hotel.

Apart from the lawsuit with Ventura, Combs has faced five other legal actions accusing him of rape, sexual misconduct, and other troubling behaviors. His Florida and California residences were raided by a Department of Homeland Security human trafficking team in April, further adding to the controversy surrounding the rapper. The video evidence of his assault on Ventura has reignited public scrutiny of his actions and raised questions about his character and treatment of women. Despite his claims of self-improvement and seeking therapy, the severity of the violent incident captured on surveillance has brought renewed attention to his behavior and the need for accountability for his actions.

The response from Ventura’s legal team reflects the ongoing impact of the assault on her life and the need for accountability from Combs. The attorney’s statement highlights the insincerity of Combs’ apology and points to his prior denial of the accusations as evidence of his desperation. The disturbing footage of the assault has resurfaced unresolved trauma for Ventura and brought renewed public attention to the issue of domestic violence. With Combs facing multiple legal challenges related to his behavior, it remains to be seen how he will address the allegations and take responsibility for his actions. The controversy surrounding the rapper serves as a reminder of the importance of holding individuals accountable for their abusive behavior and ensuring justice for survivors of domestic violence.

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