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Former President Donald Trump faced loud boos and heckling during his speech at the Libertarian Party’s national convention, where he asked attendees to nominate or vote for him. Supporters of Trump attempted to drown out the boos with chants of “We want Trump.” Trump urged the Libertarians to vote for him in order to defeat the current president, adding that they should only do so if they want to win. His short 34-minute speech ended with the expectation that the Libertarian Party would select its presidential nominee the following day.

The Libertarian Party, traditionally a third-party group, has become a target for Trump’s campaign as they intensify their efforts to address potential problems posed by third-party candidates. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate, drew attention from Trump’s team, leading to increased attacks on Kennedy. With Kennedy and his running mate’s presence at the convention, tensions were high as Trump supporters clashed with Libertarians, and even Secret Service agents were involved in confiscating rubber chickens distributed by a super PAC aligned with Kennedy’s campaign.

The scene inside the convention was tumultuous, with confrontations between Libertarians and Trump supporters leading to some audience members being escorted out. While Trump received cheers for mentioning the potential commutation of Ross Ulbricht’s sentence and offering to include Libertarians in his Cabinet, many attendees turned their backs on him during the speech. The Trump campaign anticipated a hostile reception and was focused on courting nontraditional voters despite the contentious atmosphere at the convention.

President Joe Biden’s campaign labeled Trump as “anti-freedom” ahead of his address at the convention, highlighting issues such as women’s healthcare decisions being limited. Trump’s presence stirred up strong emotions among Libertarian presidential candidates, with some expressing pride in heckling the former president while also acknowledging the potential gains of inviting him. Despite Trump’s commitments and gestures towards Libertarians, many delegates remained unconvinced that his actions would influence their voting decisions.

Overall, Trump’s speech at the Libertarian Party convention was met with mixed reactions, with confrontations between supporters and attendees showcasing the division within the party. The Libertarian candidates expressed differing views on Trump’s presence and remarks, with some seeing it as an opportunity for progress towards liberty while others remained skeptical of his intentions. Despite the tensions and disagreements, the convention highlighted the complexities of third-party politics and the challenges candidates face in attracting diverse voter bases, including those within the Libertarian Party.

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