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The Cyrus family has been facing numerous scandals and controversies in recent times, overshadowing their once harmonious image. The latest revelation involves Tish Cyrus’ new husband, Dominic Purcell, allegedly being the former “friend-with-benefits” of her daughter Noah Cyrus. This scandalous chapter in the family’s history began in 2022 when Tish split from her longtime husband, Billy Ray, leading to their remarriages in 2023. Noah’s absence from her mother’s wedding and reported social media actions suggest tension between them.

Miley Cyrus has been caught in the middle of the family drama, serving as a maid of honor at her mother’s wedding while reportedly feuding with her father, Billy Ray, due to his treatment of Tish. The breakdown of Tish and Billy Ray’s marriage began in 1991 when they met at a music club, leading to a union that produced five children, including Brandi and Trace from Tish’s previous relationship. Issues arose from the emotional differences represented by their moon signs, with Tish desiring enmeshment and Billy Ray seeking independence.

Astrology sheds light on the dynamics within the Cyrus family, with Tish being a Taurus sun with a Cancer moon while Billy Ray is a Virgo sun with an Aquarius moon. The contrasting emotional needs represented by their moons likely contributed to their eventual breakup. Noah’s Capricorn sun and Aquarius moon suggest a tendency to seek out older partners for learning and growth. Miley, a Sagittarius sun with a Scorpio moon, may feel safer with her mother due to their harmonious moon connection, but may face challenges with her father and sister.

The family’s Mars placements also contribute to the conflict, with weakened Mars placements in each member. Noah’s Mars in Pisces may lead to imaginary drama, Miley’s Mars in Cancer to passive-aggressiveness, and Trish and Billy Ray’s Mars in Libra to indecisiveness. The shared Mars placement of Tish and Billy Ray may explain their oscillating relationship over the years. Resolving the family conflicts and healing relationships will likely require significant effort and time due to the lack of assertive Mars placements among the parties involved.

In conclusion, the Cyrus family has been marred by scandals and controversies that have strained their relationships and highlighted underlying emotional dynamics. Astrological insights offer perspectives on the family members’ personalities and interactions, suggesting potential factors contributing to their conflicts. Resolving these issues and establishing harmony within the family may require understanding and addressing their emotional needs and communication styles. Moving forward, the Cyrus family faces challenges in navigating their relationships and rebuilding trust to overcome the turmoil that has plagued them in recent times.

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