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Actress Ashley Judd faced a devastating injury when she shattered her leg during an expedition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2021. Doctors initially told her that she may never be able to move her foot again. However, Judd was determined to prove them wrong and began her journey to recovery. She shared a video on social media showcasing her progress, including running through an agility ladder and balancing on a board with her healed leg. Despite the challenges she faced, Judd expressed gratitude towards her personal trainer and the individuals who helped her during the accident.

During the expedition in the Central African rainforest, a malfunctioning headlamp caused Judd to trip and break her leg. She recounted the difficulties of being carried out of the remote area and the long journey to receive medical attention. Despite the severe injuries she sustained, Judd remained thankful for her siblings who saved her life and kept her spirits up during the ordeal. She acknowledged the lack of proper medical facilities in the DRC and expressed her awe at making it home safely.

Judd’s recovery process was not without its setbacks, as she dealt with a rare parasite infection and the more common condition of mononucleosis. She credited her healthcare team and union insurance for saving her leg and ultimately her life. Through physical therapy, Judd is working towards her goal of being able to hike again, focusing on exercises that improve her ability to walk on uneven terrain and carry a heavy backpack. She expressed her excitement at the prospect of hiking in Yellowstone National Park in the future.

Despite the initial prognosis from a doctor that her foot may never move again, Judd remained determined to defy the odds. She shared a video of herself balancing on the previously injured foot as a testament to her progress and determination. Judd’s journey to recovery serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the resilience and strength required to overcome adversity. With her positive attitude and dedication to her rehabilitation, Judd continues to work towards her goals and looks forward to regaining her mobility and independence.

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