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How to Block Text Messages: 6 Ways for Android & iPhone

Stop those annoying text messages

Unwanted texts can be annoying and unexpectedly costly, especially if your data plan doesn’t allow unlimited texts. Nip the problem in the bud before your next billing statement! You can block unwanted texts using your phone, through your carrier, or using a third-party app. There’s even a number you can report spam messages to. This wikiHow teaches you how to block unwanted texts on Android, iPhone, and third-party apps, and how to report them.

Things You Should Know

  • There are multiple ways that you can block a text, depending on a few different factors.
  • The most common way on Android to block a text is to tap the three-dot menu in a spam text and Block number.
  • On an iPhone, the most common method of blocking a text is to tap the phone number in the text and tap Block contact.


On iPhone

  1. Open the Messages app. It’s the app that has a green icon with a speech bubble. Tap the icon to open the Messages app.
  2. Tap a message from a user you want to block. If you have been receiving unwanted messages, they should be in your list of messages.
    Block Text Messages Step 2 Version 6.jpg
  3. Tap the user’s image above the phone number. Tap it once and a small menu should show.
    Block Text Messages Step 3 Version 6.jpg
    • This is the GUI on the top of your screen.
  4. Tap after the small menu shows. This icon looks like a lowercase “i” inside a circle.
    Block Text Messages Step 4 Version 6.jpg
  5. Scroll down and tap . This will block the user from sending text messages, as well as making phone calls to your number or contacting you through FaceTime.[1]
    Block Text Messages Step 5 Version 6.jpg
    • Alternatively, launch the Settings app. This method allows you to block texts from a sender who’s in your contacts, but not in your text history. In the Settings app, scroll down and select “Phone,” then “Blocked.” Select “Add New.” Now, find the person you’d like to block in your contacts list. Select this person and they’ll be blocked!

On Android

  1. Open your text message app. Tap the app icon that resembles a speech bubble. Tap the messages app icon to open your message inbox.
    Block Text Messages Step 6 Version 6.jpg
    • This works for Messages by Google, also known as Google Messages.
  2. Tap and hold the conversation you want to block. Just tapping it will open the message instead, so you’ll need to return to the main page of your texts and try again.
    Block Text Messages Step 7 Version 5.jpg
    • Your phone will vibrate and show that you’ve selected the conversation.
  3. Tap . This three-dot menu icon is in the top right corner of your screen and will open a menu.
    Block Text Messages Step 8 Version 5.jpg
  4. Tap . That number will no longer be able to text you.[2]
    Block Text Messages Step 9 Version 5.jpg
    • To unblock a contact, tap ☰ > Spam & blocked, and tap x next to the number you want to unblock.

On a Samsung Galaxy

  1. Open your text message inbox. It typically has an icon that resembles a speech bubble. Tap the messages app icon to open your message inbox.
    Block Text Messages Step 10 Version 6.jpg
  2. Tap . It’s the last option in the menu that appears when you tap the icon with three dots.
    Block Text Messages Step 11 Version 6.jpg
    • The menu options may vary on different mobile carriers and older Samsung Galaxy phones.
  3. Tap the name or number that sent the text. It’s at the top of your screen with a downwards-pointing arrow.
    Block Text Messages Step 12 Version 6.jpg
    • Tapping this will expand the menu at the top of the page.
  4. Tap . That number is now no longer able to contact you.[3]
    Block Text Messages Step 13 Version 2.jpg
    • If you want to unblock that number, go to Phone > More options (three vertical dots) > Settings > Block Numbers and tap Delete next to the numbers you want to unblock.

Through Your Carrier

  1. Open your wireless carrier’s web page or mobile app. Most mobile carriers have the option to block text messages or calls on their website or mobile app. Go to the following websites for your carrier.
    Block Text Messages Step 14 Version 2.jpg
  2. Login as the primary account holder. Enter the username and password associated with your account from your wireless carrier. If you have a family or group plan, sign in using the primary account holder’s username and password.
    Block Text Messages Step 15 Version 2.jpg
  3. Locate the options to block text messages. The layout of each carrier’s website or mobile app will be different. Use the following options to locate options to block text messages.
    Block Text Messages Step 16 Version 2.jpg
  4. Select a device to block numbers on. If your account has more than one phone, you will need to select which line you want to block numbers on.
    Block Text Messages Step 17 Version 2.jpg
    • Your carrier may require you to add an additional feature to your account in order to block text messages.
  5. Select a blocking option. Many carriers have different options for blocking numbers. You may be able to block all messages, block inbound or outbound messages, block picture messages, or block individual numbers.
    Block Text Messages Step 18 Version 2.jpg
  6. Click or tap the option to add a number to your blocked list. Depending on the carrier’s website or app, this may be a button that says Block Number, or Add or a plus (+) sign.
    Block Text Messages Step 19 Version 2.jpg
  7. Enter the phone number you want to block. This blocks the number from being able to text you. The recipient will not be notified that they have been blocked.
    Block Text Messages Step 20 Version 2.jpg
    • You may also be able to select a number from your contacts or call log.
  8. Click or tap . This adds the number to your list of blocked contacts. They will not be able to message you.
    Block Text Messages Step 21 Version 2.jpg
  9. Call your carrier’s tech support. If you need further assistance with blocking a number, your carrier’s tech support line should be able to assist you. Contact your wireless carrier at the following numbers:[8]
    Block Text Messages Step 22 Version 2.jpg
    • AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
    • T-Mobile/Sprint: 1-877-453-1304
    • Verizon: 1-800-922-0204

Using a Third-Party App

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play Store. If you’re using an iPhone, tap the App Store icon. It’s a blue icon with a capital “A”. If you are using an Android, tap the Google Play Store icon. It’s the app that has an icon of a colorful triangle.
    Block Text Messages Step 23 Version 2.jpg
    • Warning: Many third-party apps that block text messages collect user data to sell or use for marketing purposes.
  2. Tap the tab (iPhone only). If you are using iPhone, tap the search tab in the lower-right corner.
    Block Text Messages Step 24 Version 2.jpg
  3. Type in the search bar. On Android, the search bar is in the green banner at the top of the screen. On iPhone, the search bar is in the center of the screen. This displays a list of apps that match your search.
    Block Text Messages Step 25 Version 2.jpg
    • Hiya is one of many apps that are able to block text messages. Other apps include SMS Blocker, Blacklist, Call Blocker, and Text Blocker.
  4. Tap or next to Hiya. Hiya has a white icon with a blue, purple, and pink image that resembles a phone. This installs Hiya.
    Block Text Messages Step 26 Version 2.jpg
  5. Open Hiya. You can open Hiya by tapping the Hiya icon on your home screen or apps menu. You can also tap Open in the Google Play Store or App Store.
    Block Text Messages Step 27 Version 2.jpg
  6. Tap the checkbox and tap . This indicates that you agree to the terms of service and data policy and then tap Get Started.
    Block Text Messages Step 28 Version 2.jpg
    • You may be asked to grant Hiya certain permissions. If you are asked if you want to allow Hiya to be your default phone caller app, make calls, and access your contacts list, tap Allow.
  7. Tap . It’s the second tab at the bottom of the screen. It’s below an icon that has a circle with a line through it.
    Block Text Messages Step 29 Version 2.jpg
  8. Tap . It’s the first option in the list.
    Block Text Messages Step 30 Version 2.jpg
    • Alternatively, you can select Recent calls or text, and Choose from contacts to select a number from your recent text messages or contacts.
  9. Enter the phone number you want to block. This blocks the number from being able to text you. The recipient will not be notified that they have been blocked.
    Block Text Messages Step 31 Version 2.jpg
  10. Tap . It’s in the lower-right corner of the menu in the center of the screen. This blocks the number.
    Block Text Messages Step 32 Version 2.jpg

Managing Spam

  1. Don’t reply to unknown spam. Some text message ads are sent by automated programs designed to send ads to random phone numbers. In this case, replying to the ad (even just with the word “STOP”) can potentially make the problem worse. A reply signifies to the program that there’s an actual human at your number, so it will continue to send ads. If you get text spam from a source you don’t recognize, ignore it. If it persists, try one of the other methods.
    Block Text Messages Step 33 Version 2.jpg
  2. Report spam. Most US carriers allow you to report spam messages free-of-charge. To report a spam message, copy the message text and send it to 7726 (“SPAM.”) This spam reporting service is operated by the GSM Association, a trade association for major mobile operators. By reporting the spam, you’re helping to eliminate an annoyance for yourself and other cell phone users.
    Block Text Messages Step 34 Version 2.jpg
    • Other countries use different spam reporting numbers. In France, the number is 33700.[9] In India, the number is 1909.[10]


  • You can also block Spam Likey calls.

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