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3 Ways to Contact an Amazon Seller Before or After Purchase


If you need to contact an Amazon seller about a product or purchase, you can easily do so before or after placing an order. Once you’re signed in to Amazon on your computer or through the mobile app, you can contact any third-party Amazon seller through their “About” page, your “Orders” page, or reply to messages in your Amazon Buyer/Seller Messages inbox. Whether you have a question, complaint, or feedback, this wikiHow article will teach you three simple ways to send a message to any Amazon seller.

Things You Should Know

  • You can click or tap the seller’s name on a product page and select “Ask a Question” before or after purchasing a product.
  • If you’ve already purchased a product, you can also reach out by clicking “Get help” or “Get product support” on the order.
  • When the seller responds, you can read and reply to their messages in Account > Your Messages > Buyer/Seller Messages.


From the Seller’s About Page

  1. Go to one of the seller’s product listings. If you want to ask a seller a question about a product before or after purchase, you can do that from the product page. Go to and search for the product you want, then click the link for the product listing in the search results.[1]
  2. Click the seller’s name next to “Sold by.” You’ll see the name of the seller on the right side of the page if you’re browsing on a computer, or below the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons in the Amazon mobile app.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 2 Version 3.jpg
    • If the selected item has a “Subscribe & Save” option, toggle to the “One-time purchase” setting to reveal a clickable version of the seller’s name.
  3. Click the button on the seller’s page. This yellow button appears in the “About seller” area near the top of the page.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 3 Version 3.jpg
  4. Select your options in the form or use the Seller Messaging Assistant. Depending on the seller, you’ll either see the Amazon Seller Messaging Assistant (which looks like a chat support bot), or a contact form.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 4 Version 3.jpg
    • If you see the Seller Messaging Assistant, select An order I have placed to inquire about an existing order, or An item for sale to ask a question before buying.
    • If you see a form with drop-down options, follow the prompts to choose a topic for your question or comment. Choose the subject that’s the closest match for your question or comment.
    • Possible subjects you can choose from include product details, shipping, return and refund policies, and product customization.
  5. Type a detailed message to the seller. Whether you’re contacting the seller about an existing order or have a question about a product they’re selling, include any relevant details, like your order number (if you have one), and the specifics of your question, comment, request, or complaint.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 5 Version 3.jpg
    • You’ll need to limit your message to no more than 4,000 characters.
  6. Click the or button. Amazon will forward your message on to the seller and email a copy to you.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 6 Version 3.jpg
    • To protect your privacy, Amazon will not reveal your email address to the seller. Instead, they’ll send the message from an email address.
    • Give the seller up to 2 business days to get back to you before you try to contact them again. If you don’t hear back from the seller in that time or they aren’t willing to help you with your issue, you may be able to work it out using Amazon’s A-to-z guarantee service.[2]

From the Orders Page

  1. Navigate to the . If you’re using Amazon on a computer, click Returns & Orders at the top-right corner. In the mobile app, tap the profile icon (the second icon from the left) and tap Your Orders.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 7 Version 3.jpg
  2. Click on the order. If your order from a third-party seller hasn’t already been successfully delivered, you may see a button next to the order that says “Get help” on the order.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 8 Version 3.jpg
    • You’ll only see the Get help button if the seller handles their own shipping, rather than doing it through Amazon.
    • If you don’t see Get help on an order placed through a third-party seller, look for Get product support. Clicking this option will give you information about receiving support for the product—sometimes you’ll see a telephone number to call, while other times you’ll be directed to the seller’s website.
    • You may be able to resolve the issue without having to contact the seller directly by following Amazon’s instructions. If not, Amazon’s customer support system will help you get in touch with the seller.
    • If your order was already delivered but you’d like to request a return, exchange, or refund, click the “Return or replace items” button. If these kinds of transactions are handled by the seller, Amazon will put you in contact with them.
  3. Use the “Leave seller feedback” option to rate the seller. If you’ve already received your product and simply want to leave feedback for the seller, choose the “Leave seller feedback” button next to the order in question. From there, you can leave the seller a star rating and make comments about your shopping experience.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 9 Version 5.jpg
    • You can submit seller feedback for up to 90 days after the date of your order.

Reading and Replying to Messages

  1. Navigate to . If you’ve already communicated with a seller, you can keep the conversation going through Amazon’s buyer/seller messaging system. To find your messages, start by navigating to the “Your Account” page from the homepage.[3]
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 10 Version 4.jpg
    • On a computer, hover the mouse cursor over “Accounts & Lists” at the top-right corner, then select Account on the menu.
    • From the Amazon Shopping app, tap the three-line menu at the bottom-right corner, then tap Account.
  2. Click . On a computer, you’ll see this envelope icon in the third row of tiles at the top of the page. In the mobile app, scroll down to “Message center,” then tap Your Messages.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 11 Version 4.jpg
  3. Click . On a computer, you’ll see this tab at the top of the Inbox. In the mobile app, you’ll see it right below “All Messages.” Clicking this link will open up an inbox containing all your past communications between you and third-party sellers. You can also view any messages that you’ve sent through the messaging system.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 13 Version 3.jpg
  4. Open a message from the seller you want to communicate with. Scroll down the list of messages until you find one from the seller you want to talk to. You’ll see a copy of the message they sent you, along with information from Amazon about their buyer/seller communication policies.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 14 Version 3.jpg
    • If you have lots of messages and you’re having a hard time finding the one you want, the app allows you to display messages from a specific date range.
  5. Hit the button and write a message. You’ll see this button above the message from the seller. This will open a text box where you can write your message. When you’re satisfied with what you’ve written, click the yellow Submit button to send the message.
    Contact a Seller on Amazon Step 15 Version 3.jpg
    • You’ll need to limit your message to no more than 4,000 characters.
    • If you’re sending the message from a web browser, you can also add an attachment, such as an image, a PDF file, or a Word document.
    • Amazon won’t share your email address with the seller. All communications will be directed through Amazon’s messaging service.




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